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You read GigaOM every day. You’re an experienced, media-savvy Product Manager. And you’re not only bursting with ideas about how to build the next generation of GigaOM, but you’ve got the experience and skills to help our team do it. We want to hear from you. Read more at GigaOM »

Snoop Dogg Maker Studios

Maker Studios will team with the hip-hop legend to produce exclusive content for his popular YouTube channel, WestFestTV. Snoop Dogg adds even more star power to a maker roster that already includes such YouTube heavyweights as Ray William Johnson and KassemG. Read more »

Mark Cuban At NBA All Star Game 2010 (horizontal)
photo: Flickr / Staci D. Kramer

How serious does Dish look about actually blacking out AMC channels? It just gave away AMC’s primo real estate to Mark Cuban’s HDNet and HDNet Movies. Yes, the No. 3 pay TV service is really ready to live without the most critically acclaimed shows on TV. Read more »

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Kindle commercial, "The Book Lives On"
photo: Amazon

Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other e-reader companies are collecting data about your e-book reading habits, but they’re keeping their most interesting findings close to the vest. Read more »

iPhone 4S

To live and work in the technology industry is to be obsessed with the possibilities of the future, and to not spend very much time thinking about the past. But there are some historical events that deserve reflection, and we at GigaOM are proud to present […] Read more at GigaOM »


New York-based Blip, long a leading platform for independent video producers to get their work seen on YouTube, will launch a Los Angeles studio, where it will work more closely with content creators to tailor genre-based video for advertisers. Read more »

hulu japan hbo

HBO is coming to Hulu… in Japan, that is. Japanese subscribers of the service now have access to some catalog HBO shows, including Sex and the City, Entourage and The Sopranos. Overall, content has grown 300% since Hulu’s launch in Japan. Read more at GigaOM »

Rupert Murdoch on FBN

Super Bowl winners head to Disney World; moguls with a new corporate agenda go on a media tour. Following the formal announcement early Thursday morning that News Corp. will split up publishing and media/entertainment, Rupert Murdoch covered all the bases. Here’s what he had to say. Read more »

Rupert Murdoch with The Sun On Sunday

One of the most important elements of any major corporate move is pitching it to the staff. News Corp.Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch called in some top execs for meetings earlier this week to talk about splitting the company; here’s how he’s explaining it to everyone […] Read more »

News Corp headquarters
photo: Getty Images / Mario Tama

Three days after its talks about splitting the company went public, News Corp. makes it official. Rupert Murdoch has agreed to partially dismantle the conglomerate, spinning off its publishing and education assets into a new company — with him as chairman of both. Read more »

Avatar Movie Characters
photo: Avatar (official site)

Newspapers built the foundation that became News Corp. but the bulk of the money comes from the entertainment assets Rupert Murdoch bought or launched. If Murdoch gives in on splitting the company, what would a 21st Century Fox look like? Read more »

photo: Paul Vlaar

News Corp’s share price is soaring as investors cheer reports that the giant company is planning to spin off its $8 billion publishing division. News Corp analysts we talked with, not surprisingly, like the idea of a restructured News Corp — but interestingly, they’re also optimistic about the prospects of a stand-alone publishing corporation. Read more »

Charlie Ergen Hearing

So how should Congress go about revising two-decade-old regulation of the television industry? At a House Communications Subcommittee hearing Wednesday, testimony by Dish Network chairman Charlie Ergen and others continued to dance around the core topic of broadband operators controlling content and distribution. Read more »

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