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digital money_FamZoo

Although mobile apps have become increasingly mainstream, no one has figured out how to successfully monetize them yet. What’s the problem here? Inneractive’s Hillel Fuld says mobile technology has evolved faster than the Web, and it’s time for advertisers to match mobile’s pace. Read more at GigaOM »


These days, WordPress acts more like a development framework or a PaaS (Platform as a Service), says WooThemes CEO Adii Pienaar. And in the last year, several new services have sprung up to help make WordPress a platform in the truest sense of the word. Read more at GigaOM »


According to Parse.ly CEO Sachin Kamdar, the problem with shares data is solvable. And as accurate social data becomes increasingly important, the first publisher to fully take advantage of this information will reap massive benefits and potentially reinvent how editorial decisions are made. Read more at GigaOM »

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Huxley_Abode of Chaos

After years away, Rags Gupta returned to online publishing only to discover a brave new world in advertising. But although the formats, tools and technologies have changed, there are truisms that continue to hold. Gupta warns that we would be well-advised to remember them. Read more at GigaOM »

thumbtacks and paper_Marcus Jeffrey

In his post yesterday, David Galbraith shared lessons from his experience launching Wists, a visual bookmarking website that predated Pinterest. Today, Galbraith looks at the general history of visual bookmarks and grid sites that paved the way for Pinterest’s $1.5 billion valuation. Read more at GigaOM »

caution books_quinn.anya

By requiring retailers to encrypt e-books with DRM, big publishers are essentially banning online indie bookstores and increasing their own dependence on the whims of Apple and Amazon. Emily Gould and Ruth Curry of Emily Books look at the problem DRM poses indie booksellers. Read more »

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