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Based in Los Angeles, Daniel has a 20-year background as a journalist, starting his career on the prep desk of the L.A. Daily News. He hates the instant replay, the BCS, regular-season baseball and the no-huddle offense.

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America’s No. 3 pay network faces a tough future alone, with studio deals that will require renewing, expensive original series production needs, and a challenging pay TV market that necessitates leverage in order to get carried. But Starz could be a jewel for the right buyer. Read more »

Optimum App - Unified UI

While the broader TV Everywhere initiative has been hindered by all the deals that need to happen between programmers and pay TV operators, watch-anywhere-in-the-home apps provided by multichannel operators are gaining traction. Cablevision says Optimum, for example, is now used by a third of its subscribers. Read more »

TV Remote Control
photo: Flickr / Robert S. Donovan

The multichannel business has incurred net subscriber losses in the second quarter for three years in a row — after never finishing a three-month period in the red before 2010. Bernstein Research’s Craig Moffett says this is simply a normal cyclical state for a maturing business. Read more »

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Leslie Moonves, CEO, CBS
photo: AP / Jennifer Graylock

With his company reporting an 8 percent spike in second-quarter revenue, the CBS chief says the kerfuffle over Barry Diller’s new streaming broadcast-network service has been “really exaggerated greatly.” Moonves also told investors Thursday that a renewal of CBS’ Neflix deal is “preordained.” Read more »

Cord cutting / cutting the cord
photo: Shutterstock / artenot

With satellite carrier DirecTV reporting its first-ever net quarterly loss of subscribers, the Big Four pay TV services collectively lost 407,000 U.S. video customers in Q2. This was not offset by gains of 322,000 net video users reported by telco services AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FiOS. Read more »

50s Family Watching TV
photo: AP Images

Busy Lazard Capital analyst Barton Crockett says there’s enough margin thickness and consumer elasticity to sustain 8 percent annual program fee increases for another dozen years. But as the system reaches its limits, Crockett also finds that programers like Disney will be hit hardest. Read more »


With subscription video on demand revenue up 430 percent, Hollywood’s video business has actually shown growth for a full six-month period, according to the studio-backed Digital Entertainment Group. The DVD-cursed market hasn’t enjoyed full-year growth since George W. Bush was midway through his second term. Read more »

Redbox kiosk
photo: Eddie Does Japan

The DVD business is still very, very good to Redbox and its parent company, Coinstar, which now control more than 42 percent of the U.S. disc-rental market. Redbox, however, said nothing about its new Verizon joint venture in Thursday’s Q2 earnings call. Read more »


The Boston-based video platform supplier reported $21.6 million in revenue for its second quarter as a public company, while losses narrowed by 38 percent to $4.3 million. Brightcove also announced the $30 million purchase of cloud-based video encoding company Zencoder. Read more »


As Variety first reported, Dish has quietly been rolling out a software upgrade to its new DVRs that puts the user more in control of the “AutoHop” commercial-skipping feature. Dish says the upgrade “enhances the user experience,” but it seems more legally motivated. Read more »

Netflix-cracked-REV2 A SLOT

The company meets investor revenue expectations, reporting $889 million for the three-month period ending April 30. But its 530,000 net streaming subscriber additions in the U.S. apparently hasn’t impressed investors — shares are down big in after-hours trading. Read more »


Looking to hold the line on escalating program licensing costs, the satellite TV services face the prospect of having to carry more regional sports channels. The Pac-12 Network launches in about three weeks, but DirecTV and Dish are in no hurry to make a deal. Read more »


Six months following the departure of longtime marketing chief Leslie Kilgore, Netflix turns to an international marketing executive with deep roots in European media/entertainment. This comes, of course, as the company is about to embark on a major expansion of its Western European operations. Read more »


Those who purchase Fox movies like Prometheus on iTunes can now re-download their films on iCloud, thanks to a deal the studio carved with its pay TV partner, HBO, that relaxes digital restrictions of movies while they’re in the pay TV window. Read more »

West Wing

Deal brings the Aaron Sorkin-penned political drama The West Wing and the Fox sci-fi/fantasy series Fringe exclusively to members of Amazon’s Prime Instant Video service, as well as purchasers of its Kindle Fire tablet Read more »

Pat Fili-Krushel use

The NBC News Group will house broadcast division NBC News, along with cable networks CNBC, MSNBC and The Weather Channel. Fili-Krushel has primarily served as an administrative affairs executive, but she did oversee ABC’s news division when she ran that network from 1998-2000. Read more »


They’ve been negotiating over some of the biggest cable networks on TV, but DirecTV says a near deal to end its weeklong impasse with Viacom has been undone by a lightly watched premium channel. The programmer calls that a fabrication, saying the two remain far apart. Read more »

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