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Mobile Money
photo: mobiletor

I’ve seen a lot of things at South by Southwest, but what I haven’t seen are mobile payments. I haven’t seen a single person pay for somethi… Read more »

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Puzzle pieces
photo: Flickr / andrewmalone

A yottabyte isn’t what happens when the Jedi master starts gnawing on your leg. It’s the information equivalent of one quadrillion gigabytes… Read more »

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Apple iPad event 2012
photo: GigaOm / Om Malik

Today at 10 a.m. PT Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) executives will take the stage at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco to unveil what is… Read more »

Machinima Logo

If you’re not into video games, chances are you’ve never heard of Machinima. Maybe it’s time to change that: The L.A.-based content producer… Read more »

steering wheel
photo: Shutterstock / Thomas Bedenk

Prior to the digital age, there were three companies that, acting like undersea currents, steered all news. Namely, I am referring to the bi… Read more »

WiFi signal
photo: Shutterstock / Jiri Hera

Notable about all the places that offer free WiFi in London is a requirement to accept the terms and conditions – and, in almost all cases… Read more »

Julian Assange, Founder, WikiLeaks
photo: Flickr / espenmoe

It has been some time since WikiLeaks stunned the world with classified video of U.S. military attacks on civilians in Iraq and thousands of… Read more »

John Paton

If there was an Uncle Sam-style campaign to recruit media executives into the “digital first” movement, John Paton would probably win the role of poster boy in a landslide. Even before he became the CEO of the giant MediaNews Group chain, Paton was calling on the media industry to give up its attachment to print and embrace the web and digital media — and he reiterated that message in a fire-and-brimstone speech to a journalism group in Toronto, Ontario recently. The bottom line, according to Paton, is that the time for deliberation is over: media entities of all kinds must give up the “information gatekeeper” model, he said, or they will surely perish. Read more »

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