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the Atlantic
photo: Jeff Roberts

The Atlantic launched Quartz today, one of a growing number of digital publications targeted at elite business readers. The new publication is available for free — a move that could disrupt the handful of business publications that have succeeded with high price digital subscriptions. Read more »

Village Voice

A new Denver-based holding company has acquired 13 weekly newspapers, including the Village Voice, and their related websites. The move will let the media properties distance themselves from a classified site tied to prostitution. Read more »

Google E-Books Icon
photo: Google

An appeals court granted a stay in the copyright dispute between the Authors Guild and Google so it can review a lower court’s decision to let the class action advance. The literary community is watching to learn if Google’s book scanning will be considered “fair use.” Read more »


An economist argues that “three myths” are driving the popular notion that online piracy is inevitable and can’t be stopped. Here’s a quick summary of those “myths” and why dispelling them is important to having a more nuanced discussion about how to handle unauthorized online content. Read more »

Twitter Bird perched on gavel
photo: Shutterstock Composition: Bird via basel101658 / Gavel via Alexander A. Sobolev

Twitter is fighting a major privacy case that will help determine who has rights in social media. Unfortunately, the case is before a judge who has been disciplined for misusing Facebook. His track record suggests that he is the very last person who should be deciding these issues. Read more at GigaOM »

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