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The long-running copyright lawsuit over Google’s book scanning — in which the Authors Guild is seeking $750 per book — is turning into a procedural snarl as both the case and an appeal go forward at the same time. A new order confirms that the parties are due in court in December. Read more »

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Twitter Bird perched on gavel
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A judge ruled earlier this year that users have no privacy rights in their Twitter accounts. Twitter is challenging the rulings and today made new arguments, including that individuals have a 4th Amendment right in their Twitter account and that deleted tweets are not automatically public. Read more at GigaOM »

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NYT newspapers
photo: Getty Images / Mario Tama

The New York Times finally has a new CEO. Mark Thompson comes from the BBC and the Times is hoping that his deep background in multi-media will help it complete its transition to a primarily-digital company. Read more »

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photo: Google

Google can appeal an order that let the Authors Guild go forward with a class action lawsuit over book scanning. This means current proceedings will be on hold until a higher court either dismisses the case or offers guidance on what should happen next. Read more »

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photo: Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report, an upstart sports site powered by legions of volunteer contributors, has been acquired by Time Warner for a reported $175 million. The deal validates the unusual content creation model of BR’s founders and beefs up TW’s sports spread. Read more »


Craigslist this week told users that it can use the classifieds they post as the basis for lawsuits against other sites. The claim appears weak from a legal standpoint and even worse from a public relations one. Read more at GigaOM »

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