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$10 Bill
photo: Wurlitzer Heart

The traditional textbook publishing model, based on dead trees and middlemen, can force students to shell out hundreds of dollars for a stack of photocopies. Now, two law professors are offering an alternative at a fraction of the price. Read more »

Morning Lowdown
photo: Corbis / Patricia Curi

Here are some of the stories people are talking about this morning: As Tablet Race Heats Up, Apple May Try Smaller Device (NYT) Microsoft-NBC JV ends after 16 years, making way for (paidContent) Does an app store’s size matter if content is the killer app? (CNET) […] Read more »

Plagiarism / book theft
photo: Shutterstock / kaczor58

For better or worse, the self-published erotic trilogy ’50 Shades’ is now a bona fide smash, attracting a seven figure deal from Random House and plans for a movie. No surprise then, it’s also spawning a spate of imitations and borderline rip-offs. Read more »

Kindle Fire with fire

Amazon is reportedly set to unveil a new version of its Kindle Fire tablet by August. A hurry-up launch could spike interest in its flagging Fire product but would also come at a time when a growing number of discount tablets are crowding the market. Read more »

Twitter Bird perched on gavel
photo: Shutterstock Composition: Bird via basel101658 / Gavel via Alexander A. Sobolev

In a closely-watched case tied to last year’s Occupy Wall Street protests, a New York judge ruled that tweets are no different from words shouted in the street and ordered Twitter to turn over a user’s account to prosecutors. Read more at GigaOM »

photo: Paul Vlaar

News Corp’s share price is soaring as investors cheer reports that the giant company is planning to spin off its $8 billion publishing division. News Corp analysts we talked with, not surprisingly, like the idea of a restructured News Corp — but interestingly, they’re also optimistic about the prospects of a stand-alone publishing corporation. Read more »

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