Kevin Fitchard

Kevin covers mobile broadband, carriers and wireless infrastructure for GigaOM. He has been writing about wireless networks and technology for 13 years, working first at Telephony Magazine and its online successor Connected Planet. Kevin spent his early career at several small Texas newspapers. He made the shift to tech writing upon moving to Chicago, where he now lives.

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Chefs Feed Feature

Crowdsourcing may have liberated the restaurant review from the critics, but Steve and Jared Rivera think its also produced a lot of bad food recommendations. There answer was to create Chefs Feed, a food app where recommendations come solely from professional chefs. Read more at GigaOM »

Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask

As promised, hactivist group Anonymous organized demonstrations on Saturday in 16 cities throughout India, protesting the governments Internet laws and the ISPs’ blocking of popular file-sharing sites. Protesters donned Guy Fawkes masks and amassed at cricket grounds and other outdoor landmarks from Chennai to Delhi. Read more at GigaOM »

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