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down to you michelle leighton

This weekly feature (back after a brief hiatus) looks at the books that are selling better in digital format than in print. This week’s picks: Two books from self-published author Michelle Leighton, who’s just signed a deal with traditional publisher Penguin. Read more »

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Marissa Mayer

In the investor call following Yahoo’s third quarter earnings report, new CEO Marissa Mayer laid out her vision for the company going forward. “The best days lie ahead,” she said. “We intend to do great things and we intend to win.” Read more »

photo: ReadWriteWeb

Technology blog ReadWriteWeb, which was acquired by Say Media last December, has hired “Fake Steve Jobs” author Dan Lyons as editor-in-chief. The site is also getting a tablet-friendly redesign and a new name, ReadWrite. Read more »

Ebook pricing and device trends that hold in North American countries don’t necessarily work for less developed market. Executives from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google, France’s FNAC and India’s Indiaplaza discussed similarities and differences between digital reading cultures Wednesday afternoon at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Read more »

the casual vacancy

Why is the ebook edition of J.K. Rowling’s new novel, “The Casual Vacancy,” $17.99? Thank the fact that publisher Hachette is in a sweet spot between the ebook settlement’s approval and the time that it actually takes effect at non-Apple retailers. Read more »

Stack Of Newspapers On Table
photo: Corbis / Dirk Rees

Digital subscription platform Press+ says 39 percent of its client publishers now offer fewer than 10 articles free per month before a reader hits a paywall. On average, the company says, publishers offer 11 free articles per month, down from 13 at the beginning of 2012. Read more »

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