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loading external resource Rotten Tomatoes, the site that assigns “fresh” or “rotten” ratings to movies based on critics’ reviews, is adding a TV shows section, “TV Zone,” on Tuesday. It will include “all the new fall scripted series, as well as shows that have aired on primetime over […] Read more »

loading external resource “The great irony of your click-bait strategy is, it may actually be counterproductive…and it’s an especially egregious public disservice to not include the location when discussing something like, oh I dunno, A PRISONER ON THE LAM.” Meet Alex Mizrahi, the man behind @HuffPoSpoilers, who thinks five […] Read more »

Twitter’s standalone #Music app hasn’t really taken off, so the company is trying again: On Thursday it launched the app on Spotify. The app lets users listen to songs that are trending on Twitter and quickly add them to existing playlists. Users can also turn entire […] Read more at GigaOM » A subscription to a premium version of Capital New York is likely to cost $99 a month or $1,000 a year, Politico cofounder and executive editor Jim VandeHei told Bloomberg. Politico, which announced Sunday night that it had acquired Capital New York, charges thousands of […] Read more » The Washington Post interviews its new owner, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Bezos doesn’t get into many specifics about what he might change, but notes that websites can summarize paywalled stories “in about four minutes and readers can access that news for free….even behind a paywall, […] Read more »

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