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Sky TV remote
photo: AP Images

Distributors are passing the buck and regulators are openly contradicting each other. UK VOD services may take heart as another regulator decision is overturned. But the rulings and counter-rulings leave liability for internet video in flux. Read more »


No wonder Tencent ranked #9 in this year’s paidContent 50. In a land considered a piracy hotbed, the massive Chinese service has attracted millions to pay for online experiences. It’s all thanks to the humble instant messenger, Tencent GM Sophia Ong tells paidContent. Read more »

Guardian iPad edition
photo: GNM

Only a sliver of people who have tried out The Guardian’s iPad edition for free end up subscribing after their trial. But does that small percentage matter? Other publishers also see low premium take-up, The Guardian is more interested in selling ads than subs. Read more »

Angry man yelling in to mobile phone
photo: Shutterstock / Lisa F. Young

When is an explosion in mobile users ever a bad thing? When those users are switching from your website and you have no mobile business model. That is what growing numbers of online service are now worrying about. Read more »

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