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Rebekah Wade
photo: AP Images

With peripheral inquiries ongoing in to conspiracy and media ethics, Tuesday’s announcement that Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson and six others will be charged for “phone hacking” shows the News Of The World furore will soon finally focus on the original criminal allegations. Read more »

Piano Media, the digital news payments kiosk through which several Slovenian and Slovakian publishers have begun charging for some of their content, is opening shop in its third country, Poland, as paidContent speculated last month. Six publishers (Agora, Murator, Polskapresse, Media Regionalne, Edytor and Axel Springer-Ringier) […] Read more »

Simon Creasey
photo: BSkyB

The man leading the launch of BSyB’s new internet-only TV service, Now TV, tells paidContent he aims to repackage Sky programming for online devices in fresh new ways and with a lean operating model. Coming soon – a brand new approach to exploiting Sky’s lucrative sports rights. Read more »

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