Tom Krazit

Tom is Executive Editor at GigaOM. He is a veteran technology journalist, writer, and editor who has never worked in any other medium than the internet. He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of GigaOM’s editorial mission. Tom has written and edited stories about nearly everything important to us as a tech media company — enterprise computing, the rise of mobile, and consumer internet companies — at one time or another over twelve years at IDG, CNET, and paidContent before joining GigaOM in 2012 and becoming executive editor in 2013. Tom holds a business degree with a concentration in marketing from Boston College, and has appeared as an industry expert on media outlets including CNBC, ABC, CBS, Revision 3, NPR, TWiT, and several others.

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iPhone 4S

To live and work in the technology industry is to be obsessed with the possibilities of the future, and to not spend very much time thinking about the past. But there are some historical events that deserve reflection, and we at GigaOM are proud to present […] Read more at GigaOM »

WWDC 2012 Roundup post

Apple didn’t disappoint during its annual conference for software developers on Monday, unveiling a meaty new update to iOS, new MacBooks including a brand-new category of MacBook Pro, and a few new tidbits about Mac OS X Mountain Lion at the 2012 Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Here’s […] Read more at GigaOM »

Google Susan Wojcicki D10
photo: Asa Mathat | All Things Digital

Google’s Susan Wojcicki defended the search giant Thursday against the newest claims from the content industry that it has amassed a fortune partly on the back of pirated content, made the previous night by “superagent” Ari Emanuel at the D: All Things Digital conference. “I think […] Read more at GigaOM »

Walt Mossberg Daniel Ek Sean Parker Spotify D10
photo: Asa Mathat | All Things Digital

It took Spotify seemingly forever to launch in the U.S. after making its debut in Europe, and while the licensing discussions were complicated, Apple played a role in holding up Spotify’s U.S. entrance, according to company backer Sean Parker. Read more at GigaOM »

conde nast 2

It can be a scary world out there for modern media companies, but it’s actually very simple, according to Conde Nast president Bob Sauerberg. “If content is going to remain king, we have got to innovate,” Sauerberg said Wednesday at paidContent 2012, urging attendees to spend […] Read more »


The U.S. House of Representatives surprised the tech industry Thursday by voting on, and passing, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) after having originally scheduled a vote for Friday. The bill was amended several times prior to the final vote. Read more at GigaOM »


Google says it has fixed one of the biggest problems with its Currents mobile news reader app–glacial content syncing–while also rolling out to international publishers with a new update released Wednesday. That should improve its competitive position against apps like Flipboard and Zite. Read more at GigaOM »

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