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Tarot Card Reader
photo: Corbis / Ocean

With the book nearly closed on 2010, it’s time to peek around the corner at 2011. Without further ado: eight predictions from the writers of… Read more »

With the holidays upon us, this morning’s newsletter will be the last for 2010 — the next newsletter you receive will be on Jan. 3, 2011. B… Read more »

photo: Flickr / dominiekth

The internet telephony service Skype got a good deal out of the net neutrality vote earlier this week, with the FCC deciding that Skype and… Read more »

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski
photo: AP / Harry Hamburg

My colleague Joe Mullin has done a thorough read of the key issues in today’s FCC vote on net neutrality. The bulk of decision-making seemed… Read more »

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