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Rdio is now letting U.S. listeners use its music subscription service for free — on the web, anyway: The music service announced Thursday that it is allowing users to listen as much as they want on its website. Rdio is monetizing the new free offering through […] Read more at GigaOM »

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Stories for Jan. 14, 2014 Samsung is in negotiations to strike a commercial agreement with and possibly acquire  a stake in the Paris-based music subscription service Deezer, according to French media reports relayed by Reuters. Deezer seems like an interesting target for Samsung: The service is already available in a […] Read more at GigaOM »

Stories for Jan. 13, 2014,0,5717603.story DreamWorks Animation and YouTube are going to launch a new daily video show called YouTube Nation on the service Tuesday. The show will highlight “some of the best and most interesting videos” on the service every day, according to the Los Angeles Times. Each episode […] Read more at GigaOM »

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Google may be getting ready to add Chromecast support to its Google+ mobile apps: A resourceful Google+ user has found Chromecast icons in the latest version of the Google+ Android app, suggesting that the app could soon be used to cast photos and videos to a […] Read more at GigaOM »

Contributoria, a new site backed by Guardian Media Group, is an attempt to build an open community that allows journalists to collaborate on and crowdfund high-quality journalism. Co-founders Matt McAlister and Sarah Hartley talked with Gigaom about why they built it. Read more at GigaOM »

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