Stories for May. 15, 2012


Broadcasters are hopping made at Dish Network and Charlie Ergen about their new commercial-deleting DVR feature. Some might look back on litigation with ReplayTV with some regret. Broadcasters failed to get the anti-commercial-skipping ruling they were seeking at the time. Read more »


Spotify has now 20 million monthly active users, according to new estimates based on publicly available Facebook data. The company’s growth has accelerated ever since its Facebook integration launched – but it’s success isn’t extraordinary: Long forgotten music services like Imeem were once just as popular. Read more at GigaOM »

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The $50-million funding round that Quora recently closed has raised some eyebrows. Is this just another example of a bubble-style atmosphere in Silicon Valley’s venture capital community, or is the crowdsourced question-and-answer site really onto something that could be a multibillion-dollar idea? Read more at GigaOM »

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Social marketing platform operator Buddy Media is rolling out a bunch of updates to its suite of tools including a unified social data API, the ability to track conversions and campaigns across their entire social media efforts, and a new mobile content development platform. Read more at GigaOM »

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Here are some of the stories people are talking about this morning: Twitter tiptoes further into the media business (GigaOM) …
Audiences now rarely drawn to live television (David Carr, NYT) … Read more »

Stories for May. 14, 2012

As traditional book publishers are increasingly signing self-published authors, Hollywood studios are also looking to self-published books for their next blockbuster. Last month, Universal acquired the film rights to “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Now Fox and Ridley Scott have acquired the rights to sci-fi series “Wool.” Read more »

Tim Cook, Apple CEO
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Apple may not be buying a high-design German home entertainment device maker, but that doesn’t mean investors in the rumoured target company won’t make a killing – and it doesn’t mean it won’t still have a part to play in Apple’s iTV. Read more »

Hands crashing through laptop computer screen to grab US dollar money notes
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Ziff Davis is reuniting with Computer Shopper – nearly a decade after it first sold the company – and both have changed drastically since they were last part of the same organization. Read more »

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Cord cutting / cutting the cord
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A survey of the top 10 publicly traded cable, satellite and telco TV services providers reveals video subscriber growth of only around 494,000 in the first quarter. First-quarter subscriber growth among these companies was over 900,000 just four years ago. Read more »

Nokia Lumia black and blue nokia reading

Nokia is launching its Reading app and e-bookstore for the Lumia Windows Phone in France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and the UK. In doing so, the company hopes to bring more local-language e-books to countries where e-readers haven’t yet taken off. Read more »

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