Stories for Apr. 25, 2012
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James Murdoch

It’s Murdoch week at the Leveson inquiry — hours of viewing pleasure for snarky dart throwers as first James Murdoch and then his father Rupert (Wednesday at 10 a.m. London time), take center stage at the hearings on “the relationship of the press with the public, police and politicians.” Read more »

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Stories for Apr. 24, 2012

AOL On Network

Joining the ranks of digital companies which have organized their premium video holdings into hubs of curated program channels, AOL announced Tuesday the launch of the AOL On Network. The company will sift through a library of over 320,000 short-form videos to create 14 channels. Read more »


Should the New York Times charge hedge funds or large financial institutions more for early access to market-moving stories like its Walmart exposé? Reuters blogger Felix Salmon says yes, but doing this would fundamentally change what the New York Times and its journalism are all about. Read more at GigaOM »

Newscred New Logo

The internet is supposed to be about the end of intermediaries. Then why are middlemen so successful? For years, aggregators have ruled the content space and now a new breed of brokers is using technology to redefine the interaction between readers and publishers. Read more »

Morning Lowdown
photo: Corbis / Patricia Curi

Here are some of the stories people are talking about this morning: Confessions of an Ad Tech Exec (Digiday) … Netflix adds 3M subs, beats forecasts, stock craters (paidContent) … Read more »

Stories for Apr. 23, 2012

Netflix-cracked-REV2 A SLOT

Company’s stock got hammered in after-hours trading, despite the fact that it posted a lower-than-expected first-quarter loss of 8 cents per share and met its anticipated subscriber growth. The quarterly loss is Netflix’s first in the last seven years. Read more »


The 650 patents that Facebook acquired from Microsoft are “web-related” said a source with knowledge of the deal and listed some specific examples. The source said the portfolio includes patents related to: instant-messaging, e-commerce, LTE, mobile, handsets, search and advertising. Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg
photo: Background: Shutterstock/Thomas Pajot & Zuckerberg: Jason McELweenie/Flickr

Facebook announced today that it will pay $550 million for the right to 650 patents and patent applications from Microsoft.

Microsoft acquired those patents and hundreds of others in a deal with AOL earlier this month. Read more »

Internet Privacy - spy - computer - magnifying glass
photo: Corbis / Stanley Eales

Privacy is a bit like the weather — everyone talks about it but no one does a damn thing about it. Sure, it’s creepy that these companies track you and munch your personal information. But are you really going to ditch Facebook and every other online convenience of modern life? Read more »

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