Stories for Jan. 8, 2014

Google may be getting ready to add Chromecast support to its Google+ mobile apps: A resourceful Google+ user has found Chromecast icons in the latest version of the Google+ Android app, suggesting that the app could soon be used to cast photos and videos to a […] Read more at GigaOM »

Contributoria, a new site backed by Guardian Media Group, is an attempt to build an open community that allows journalists to collaborate on and crowdfund high-quality journalism. Co-founders Matt McAlister and Sarah Hartley talked with Gigaom about why they built it. Read more at GigaOM »

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Stories for Jan. 7, 2014
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Stories for Jan. 6, 2014
Stories for Jan. 5, 2014
Stories for Jan. 4, 2014
Stories for Jan. 3, 2014 An ongoing legal fight between major record labels and video hoster Vimeo could finally decide whether internet users have the right to record lib dub videos of popular songs, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The lawsuit against Vimeo is heading to appellate review, and one […] Read more at GigaOM »

Stories for Jan. 2, 2014
Stories for Dec. 31, 2013

Get ready for this: Reddit had 56 billion pageviews and 731 million unique visitors this year, according to a post published on the official Reddit blog.  Possibly even more remarkable: The site had more than 40 million posts in 2013, and the most-read post only had 3.6 […] Read more at GigaOM »

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