Stories for Aug. 14, 2003
Stories for Aug. 13, 2003

eMeta has launched an ASP version of its eRights software, called eRightsWEB. The service is aimed at smaller publishers. Read more »

Microsoft is launching a European pay-as-you-go (a la carte) music-download service modelled on the iTunes service, in collaboration with B… Read more »

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The Knot, the online wedding resource site, has reached profitability this quarter….Income for the second quarter of 2003 of $772,000, as… Read more »

(via Ringtonia): Ringtone sales may cross sales of CD singles this year, according to this story in Guardian. A comprehnsive story on the ri… Read more »

The memo AOL CEO Jon Miller sent to hos staff: “In addition, you have probably noticed, as I have, headlines like “AOL In Talks on Atlanta S… Read more »

Interesting DVD-Online Content promo combo…”Consumers who purchase The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on DVD or VHS will be able to log… Read more »

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Despite spectacular failures, undaunted entrepreneurs persevere. Can Louis Borders’ KeepMedia succeed where others have failed? Vin Crosbie… Read more »

eMeta, one of the biggest content commerce vendors in the market, has launched an ASP version of its eRights software, called eRightsWEB. Th… Read more »

“URLs describe the location on the Web at which content resides. Therefore, URLs are facts. Facts are not copyrightable. This point alone sh… Read more »

A British film claims that it will have the world’s first “e-premiere” when it is released on the Internet at the same time as in cinemas…… Read more »

(registration required): RightsLine, a rights technologycompany in LA, sees a gold mine of its own in helping companies sort through the maz… Read more »

Creative culture, killer products, zealous fans, and Steve Jobs. Memo to Sony: Bite! “Fact is, [Sony's] Idei needs a bold stroke, or his day… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 12, 2003’s been pretty honest in its financial statements, if you ask me, considering the “are-they-dead-yet” predictions all around…
Its… Read more »

The MSBlast virus, which is raging online today, has eaten up my two-month old PC…luckily my 4-year old IBM laptop is still chuggin’ along… Read more »

An important issue being debated in Washington: “A cable company is used to operating in the cable world, and it’s routine for them to pick… Read more »

BusinessWeek’s new “Future of Technology” issue is out…a good one…interviews with Steve Jobs, Tim Koogle and Mark Cuban, among others. Read more »

Stories for Aug. 11, 2003

AOL Time Warner is considering dropping the AOL name from its corporate masthead…The proposal–made by senior management of the AOL divisi… Read more »

Fame Academy, UK’s fame show (yeah, that’s a lame description, I know), will sell contestants’ tracks costing viewers 99p each…these are a… Read more »

With pressure from European antitrust regulators mounting, Microsoft’s bid to make its multimedia technology a worldwide standard may be run… Read more »

A story on BitPass, Peppercoin and others. “Avivah Litan, VP of financial services for market research company Gartner is skeptical about th… Read more »

(subscription required): Time Inc’s strategy to close off their sites to print subscribers only, starting last April, has paid suprisingly g… Read more »

In a quest for financial payoff, online dating services are expanding to do more than find you the love of your life….the usual suspects a… Read more »

Video-on-demand technology firm SkyStream Networks has received funding from AOL TW and Comcast as part of a total venture round of $29 mill… Read more »

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