Stories for Aug. 19, 2003

Nokia is acquiring the assets, the online unit and wireless game unit of Japanese game maker Sega.’s multi-player technolo… Read more »

Will user-generated content be as important for the mobile Internet as it is for the wired Internet?
By the way, the excellent wireless new… Read more »

loading external resource Exclusive: A financial technologist has patented an idea, which if implemented and adopted, could overturn how we pay for in… Read more »

By collecting data from questionnaires and with users’ permission, AOL 9.0 can deliver personalized listings on TV shows, movies, music and… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 18, 2003

The Smoking Gun, the scrappy site known for documenting the bad behavior of famous folks, has just launched a TV show, and a twice-monthly c… Read more » has launched a subscription-based desktop app, called “Desktop Weather Platinum”. Some jazzy features included in the annual sub… Read more »

loading external resource

In the world of broadcasting, the Benedek name continues to have currency, particularly in the area of station websites. It’s investment fir… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 17, 2003

Dan Gillmor weighs in on RSS. “”RSS is evolving as a replacement for e-mail publishing and marketing,” [Chris Pirillo] says. “RSS suddenly m… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 16, 2003

A stack-up of broadband players in the European market–basic contention: strong regional players may not cross boundaries. And AOL? “AOL’s… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 15, 2003

They should pay him money for all this free advice….10 steps on how to save….”I’m holding out hope a community-driven company wi… Read more »

As online gaming continues to experience a growth boom both on consoles and on the PC, the biggest obstacle to its growth may well come down… Read more »

Among the media sites I check on a daily basis, VNU Business sites are down: Billboard, Hollywood Reporter, Editor & Publisher, AdWeek, Medi… Read more »

UK online music group OD2 has denied accusations it is operating as a monopoly, despite being the only company in Europe to have been able t… Read more »

Another story on micropayments–besides the usual suspects, the story profile e-gold, an alternative online currency backed in gold…”Altho… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 14, 2003

Holy God, Economist writes on blogs….and they quote Tony Perkins, of all the people out there, which is a shame. If Perkins moves are revo… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 13, 2003

eMeta has launched an ASP version of its eRights software, called eRightsWEB. The service is aimed at smaller publishers. Read more »

Microsoft is launching a European pay-as-you-go (a la carte) music-download service modelled on the iTunes service, in collaboration with B… Read more »

The Knot, the online wedding resource site, has reached profitability this quarter….Income for the second quarter of 2003 of $772,000, as… Read more »

(via Ringtonia): Ringtone sales may cross sales of CD singles this year, according to this story in Guardian. A comprehnsive story on the ri… Read more »

The memo AOL CEO Jon Miller sent to hos staff: “In addition, you have probably noticed, as I have, headlines like “AOL In Talks on Atlanta S… Read more »

Interesting DVD-Online Content promo combo…”Consumers who purchase The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on DVD or VHS will be able to log… Read more »

Despite spectacular failures, undaunted entrepreneurs persevere. Can Louis Borders’ KeepMedia succeed where others have failed? Vin Crosbie… Read more »

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