Stories for Aug. 13, 2003

eMeta, one of the biggest content commerce vendors in the market, has launched an ASP version of its eRights software, called eRightsWEB. Th… Read more »

“URLs describe the location on the Web at which content resides. Therefore, URLs are facts. Facts are not copyrightable. This point alone sh… Read more »

A British film claims that it will have the world’s first “e-premiere” when it is released on the Internet at the same time as in cinemas…… Read more »

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(registration required): RightsLine, a rights technologycompany in LA, sees a gold mine of its own in helping companies sort through the maz… Read more »

Creative culture, killer products, zealous fans, and Steve Jobs. Memo to Sony: Bite! “Fact is, [Sony's] Idei needs a bold stroke, or his day… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 12, 2003’s been pretty honest in its financial statements, if you ask me, considering the “are-they-dead-yet” predictions all around…
Its… Read more »

The MSBlast virus, which is raging online today, has eaten up my two-month old PC…luckily my 4-year old IBM laptop is still chuggin’ along… Read more »

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An important issue being debated in Washington: “A cable company is used to operating in the cable world, and it’s routine for them to pick… Read more »

BusinessWeek’s new “Future of Technology” issue is out…a good one…interviews with Steve Jobs, Tim Koogle and Mark Cuban, among others. Read more »

Stories for Aug. 11, 2003

AOL Time Warner is considering dropping the AOL name from its corporate masthead…The proposal–made by senior management of the AOL divisi… Read more »

Fame Academy, UK’s fame show (yeah, that’s a lame description, I know), will sell contestants’ tracks costing viewers 99p each…these are a… Read more »

With pressure from European antitrust regulators mounting, Microsoft’s bid to make its multimedia technology a worldwide standard may be run… Read more »

A story on BitPass, Peppercoin and others. “Avivah Litan, VP of financial services for market research company Gartner is skeptical about th… Read more »

(subscription required): Time Inc’s strategy to close off their sites to print subscribers only, starting last April, has paid suprisingly g… Read more »

In a quest for financial payoff, online dating services are expanding to do more than find you the love of your life….the usual suspects a… Read more »

Video-on-demand technology firm SkyStream Networks has received funding from AOL TW and Comcast as part of a total venture round of $29 mill… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 9, 2003

Jam Band Phish has generated more than $1 million in revenue from music downloads from its site Livephish. allows band aficion… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 8, 2003

Instead of charging,’s use of registration allows it to identify its audience, create communities of interest and market to them… Read more »

So the below four stories should be your weekend read: take printouts and get away from the heat…London’s boiling over!
And after having f… Read more »

The next phase of the Portal Wars appears headed for TV-land as developers of next-generation interactive programming guides (IPGs) race for… Read more »

Big money to be made in fantasy sport…like, wow. Oh well, August’s dead…
– Reporting on Online Fantasy Sports
– Sportsline Ex… Read more »

20th Century Fox has launched a new desktop app. called Xtreme Desktop, which lets users do things like watch videos, find local showtimes,… Read more »

Been testing out Google News’ e-mail alerts service, and it is very rudimentary, to say the least. Inconsistent, picks stories randomly for… Read more »

Something I mentioned here before: Guardian did an online chat with site editor Emily Bell, explaining the launch of premium versions of the… Read more »

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