Stories for Aug. 8, 2003

Big money to be made in fantasy sport…like, wow. Oh well, August’s dead…
– Reporting on Online Fantasy Sports
– Sportsline Ex… Read more »

20th Century Fox has launched a new desktop app. called Xtreme Desktop, which lets users do things like watch videos, find local showtimes,… Read more »

Been testing out Google News’ e-mail alerts service, and it is very rudimentary, to say the least. Inconsistent, picks stories randomly for… Read more »

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Something I mentioned here before: Guardian did an online chat with site editor Emily Bell, explaining the launch of premium versions of the… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 7, 2003

Kokopelli Networks thinks it has the solution to file-sharing copyrighted content… BluFilter is a security and copyright tool that plugs i… Read more »

The subscription-revenue potential of premium content sales to broadband consumers continues to hold more promise than profit, according to… Read more »

Qwest Communications is bundling Sony games and entertainment with its DSL service–called MSN Broadband powered by Qwest–in an attempt to… Read more »

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Yahoo will close its Australia-focused online auction business,, on Aug. 20, in a move that will leave the market solely to domi… Read more »

Brilliant name for an adult wireless content site… Read more »

Ben Hammersley reports on the writers and artists who are earning money through the internet with micropayments..talks about companies such… Read more »

Two interesting series of stories on the changing face of journalism…”participatory media” and “We Media: How audiences are shaping the fu… Read more »

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers has finished the 802.15.3 standard, ensuring that digital content streamed over a wire… Read more »

Yahoo has deployed a real-time ASP analytics application from Island Data to help it identify customers who are ready to bolt, and perhaps s… Read more »

AOL is abandoning its strategy of making major changes to its AOL software as part of a single annual release in favor of rolling out fresh… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 6, 2003

Macromedia has begun public beta testing of a new version of Flash Player, which processes some types of Flash content as much as 10 times f… Read more »

iVillage, which yesterday announced the acquisition of, has reported lower Q2 revenues of $13.2 million, compared to $16.1 in the y… Read more »

Online content isn’t selling — but a look at the history of cable TV suggests a brighter future. “We remain in the early age of access, not… Read more »

Google has launched an e-mail news alert service in beta…more at Google News Alert FAQ.
– CBS MarketWatch’s Parallel Economy of… Read more »

Yahoo has moved its advertising account from Havas’ Black Rocket, part of Euro RSCG Worldwide. The company said it is shifting its U.S. adve… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 5, 2003

Why won’t AOL unbundle its content pieces and sell them separately to consumers? This, in essence is the billion dollar question…a questio… Read more »

Funny to see Rob Glaser change his tune so fast, in wake of iTunes. Right when iTunes was launched and RNWK announced its acquisition of Lis… Read more »

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