Stories for Aug. 5, 2003

Sony Pictures Mobile has announced a major new deal with Vodafone that will add Sony Pictures content to Vodafone Live! service. Vodafone Li… Read more »

“We’re at the tip of the iceberg of what can be the true third screen: the PC, the television and the wireless device,” said Walt Disney Int… Read more »

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Stories for Aug. 4, 2003

UK’s Channel 4 made a big deal of the fact that this year, for the first time, viewers could vote through on Big Brother through the websit… Read more »

The same era that has vexed the recording industry has brought more control to the consumer. “In a music world in upheaval, iTunes, with its… Read more »

The power/ego struggle over the content syndication formats RSS and the impending alternative… Read more »

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Stories for Aug. 3, 2003
Stories for Aug. 2, 2003

There was a time when I used to spend about 1/5th of my monthly income just to buy a copy of Wired…back in the days when I was still livin… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 1, 2003

Yahoo would have posted a net loss in the second quarter, instead of a profit, had it been forced to fully expense the cost of stock options… Read more »

Hopefully, KeepMedia will continue adding features…right now the feature set is, well, ordinary…nothing more than what sites like NYTime… Read more »

FirstGate’s Click&Buy service and BTClick&Buy, among the biggest content payment gateways in Europe, have joined UK, European and U.S. retai… Read more »

(free registration required): Record-industry executives and online music companies are quietly working with colleges and universities to of… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 31, 2003

According to Strategy Analytics, the amount of ringtones we download is going to double by 2008 -Strategy Analytics claims carriers will win… Read more »

AOL’s new version, AOL 9.0 Optimized, will rely on improved tools and content to keep current customers from defecting…
According to the s… Read more »

“An Apple Movie Store…could serve as role model and test bed for selling legal digital video over the Internet [much like iTunes]….The k… Read more »

Louis Borders is confident that he will attract newspapers for his KeepMedia service launched Monday…”There are 3,000 magazines in the U.S… Read more »

Just an observation: Considering that RealNetworks is focusing on music in a big way (see the Merrill Brown story below), it was surprising… Read more »

As Jonathan Dube mentioned yesterday, continues to link to articles from family site Business 2.0, which has closed off its site com… Read more »

RollingStone.Com has rolled out RSS feeds, with separate feeds for album reviews, movie reviews. music news and others… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 30, 2003

Media Publisher, a software developer for rich-media publishing, has completed its first round of funding of $1.3 million, seven months afte… Read more »

Yahoo has fortified its news service in recent weeks, offering both increased depth and powerful search tools that make it a compelling choi… Read more »

The RedPaper is an experimental online information exchange that blends self-publishing with micropayments. An author’s success depends on h… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 29, 2003

An interview with Louis Borders: “As we looked at the industry, we were scared away from music because of all the rights issues. One thing t… Read more »

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