Stories for Jul. 28, 2003

(Panel agenda and bios) Jim Griffin, CEO, Cherry Lane Digital: Creating the pool of money, who gets what, is the most important part…carvi… Read more »

Software maker Roxio plans to reincarnate the Napster online music service much sooner than expected, launching a legitimate form of the onc… Read more »

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KeepMedia the online magazine archives marketplace, which launches today, will sell articles at $1 a pop, or free to current subscribers ($4… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 26, 2003

I am in New York City early next week for the Jupiter Plug.IN Music Conference, and will be covering it live from the venue, if the venue ha… Read more »

The excitement builds up for the Jupiter Plug.IN Music Conference in New York, starting Monday. Issues such as developing music services for… Read more »

Nothing like a weekend to indulge in a bit of narcissism, is it? Couple of more stories about this site came out this week…
– PR Week mag… Read more »

iVillage co-founder and editor in chief Nancy Evans has resigned, effective immediately, after eight years at the company. No reason was giv… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 25, 2003

Bill Gates said his company is exploring ways to develop a music download service similar to Apple Computer’s iTunes that would tie into the… Read more »

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Interesting, though a minor move: will start offering a co-branded browser toolbar, using Dogpile technology…Dogpile is a meta… Read more »

Rich Gordon analyzes the online paid entertainment guides, in wake of’s CalendarLive announcing that it will turn into a premium… Read more »

OK, has closed the e-mail hack, where people could tweak the URL a bit and access the stories…too much abuse, apparently. Read more »

Stories for Jul. 24, 2003

An interesting story about how two small operations are reporting on fantasy games and making a living selling those newsletters online…ex… Read more »

Nothing to do with digital media, but a fun piece: Ten journalists from the UK’s Guardian newspaper compiled tomorrow’s edition of the G2 su… Read more »

AOL has tapped John McKinley, a former CTO of Merrill Lynch and GE Capital, to direct its technology initiatives. As AOL’s chief technology… Read more »

Business 2.0 website recently went behind a subscription wall recently (first reported here): editor Josh Quittner explains in the August is… Read more »

In a story on EA Q2 results, the company reveals that conslidation into the main company has cut down the costs, though it declined t… Read more »

Microdoc News, which is an excellent site on nano-media issues (started with heavy Google focus and has now expanded and re-designed), has a… Read more »

Chinese Internet media company Sina has posted a third consecutive quarterly profit that met recently raised expectations and boosted its ou… Read more »

WaPo’s Leslie Walker on KeepMedia: “What’s intriguing is how KeepMedia creates custom pages on the fly, presenting hyperlinked headlines and… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 23, 2003

Movielink, the Internet movie-on-demand service, has signed on Walt Disney, and will offer Disney movies for download… the pact now gives… Read more »

As expected, The Tribune Company has started rolling out premium services for its newspapers: first up, its biggest property Los Angeles Tim… Read more »

The continued downturn in Lycos’ fortunes: Lycos Asia has reduced its Singapore operations to a skeleton crew today, laying off around 40 st… Read more »

AOL TW said second-quarter earnings rose sharply amid hit films such as “The Matrix Reloaded,” strength at its popular cable TV networks, an… Read more »

Update: Read this: AOL To Integrate It Within AOL Communicator.
This one caught me by complete surprise…the PointCast beast refuses to die… Read more »

Netomat, an alternative browsing/collaboration company which has been lurking in the shadows for almost three years now (it started in Fall… Read more »

Chinese Internet media company’s quarterly profits swelled on the back of popular demand for wireless text messaging services. It r… Read more »

The National Football League is teaming with computer maker IBM to convert up to 80 years of pro football films into digital form for player… Read more »

In an effort to dig deeper into the syndication market, MarketWatch has bought out the financial information syndication provider Pinnacor (… Read more »

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