Stories for Jul. 22, 2003

The founder of will launch his music service today, called, which caters to PC users and boasts the cheapest song downl… Read more »

Google News, as if it wasn’t good enough, has improved its search interface. Avanced search now includes exact phrase search; search for sto… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 21, 2003

(via IWantMedia): Are pay-to-read (read nano media) sites the way of the future? BW looks at one-person examples like Christopher Allbritton… Read more »

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(subscription required): So it was WSJ I trumped on this news…Read my earlier exclusive, Contentville II?: Louis Borders new Venture, on L… Read more »

Paul Carr casts a wary–yet enthusiastic–eye on efforts to develop the super fast Internet (up to 6,000 times faster) and the news that th… Read more »

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New York radio station Z100 said that beginning today it will be the first major radio station to offer its own branded instant-messaging se… Read more »

NYT profiles three startups in the micropayments arena you’ve read a lot about on this site before: BitPass, Paystone (disclaimer: an advert… Read more »

Yahoo is launching a new publishing tool for subscribers of its small-business Web hosting service. Overture’s acquisition would add to the… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 19, 2003

(subscription required): WSJ on how pro sports leagues are going after an untapped market — fans who can’t come to the games. This includes… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 18, 2003

Deep linking to articles on public news websites in Germany is legal, according to a German court judgment today. The German court dismissed… Read more »

(via Dan Gillmor): A profile of David Wallis, founder of, online syndication done right, unlike iSyndicate or ScreamingMedia… Read more »

iVillage expects to achieve EBITDA profitability during the fourth quarter. It expected Q2 revenue to fall within the high-end of its earlie… Read more », in a bid to crack the web services, will be launching an online payment service competing in some senses with PayPal. “The payme… Read more »

: Lycos has re-designed and re-conceived its sites in UK and rest of Europe, and moved away from the portal strategy. The company has built… Read more »

Yeah, in other words, trying to earn a living, like anybody else…only independently. Read more »

(Culled from various earnings reports): MSN’s ad revenues have jumped up unexpectedly this year, according to the Q2 results released by Mic… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 17, 2003

Group net profit at Yahoo Japan, owned 42 percent by Internet services firm Softbank, rose 108.6 percent from a year earlier to 4.54 billion… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 16, 2003

The U.S. District Court for Central California has issued injunctions against five adult companies using Acacia’s patented streaming technol… Read more »

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