Stories for Jul. 14, 2003

Eventually all newspapers will have to diversify revenues streams, according to this story, done in wake of Guardian’s move last week when i… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 13, 2003

Nokia has been working closely with the music industry to make them port music to cell phones, and in effect persuade labels and music fans… Read more »

WaPo has more details on AOL blogs, to be launched later this summer as part of AOL 9.0: three ways to update their blogs — online, through… Read more »

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The story argues about the streaming versus downloading model…the eternal debate…essentially iTunes versus Rhasody. “The streaming servi… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 12, 2003

Just some Saturday nostalgia, in case you were wondering…. Read more »

Stories for Jul. 11, 2003

Acacia Media Technologies, which has been actively pursuing adult content companies for payments against its streaming media patent, may go… Read more »

AOL said that it quietly launched a shopping site for music and videos this week, and has stopped linking to its earlier affiliate… Read more »

A rather interesting profile of Simon Waldman, head of Guardian’s online efforts, in latest New Media Age (not online)…
The story characte… Read more »

Jay Alan Samit, the digital media honcho at EMI music, and and the man behind nearly 30 dotcom investments by the major record company, has… Read more »

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A shortish case study on how increased conversion rates from free to subscritpion users. One of MyFamily’s most important pages… Read more »

A summary of the salient points raised at NetMedia 2003 Online Digital Media conference in Barcelona, held last week (where… Read more »

Bill Thompson, a rather cranky contrarian who write for BBC, Guardian, among others, has written this somewhat controversial piece…watch t… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 10, 2003

Yahoo’s multimedia subscription service, Yahoo Platinum, launched with some fanfare earlier this year, has proved to be a dud…you know wha… Read more »

Yahoo’s international division of the company had posted its fourth consecutive year on year revenue growth of over 30 percent..Yahoo Europe… Read more »

Yahoo is promoting its premium services through in-network marketing: “They even have a central page with links to all of their premium serv… Read more »

Analysts have predicted the demise of the majority of pure mobile content operators within the next few years. “Most content providers belie… Read more »

RealNetworks has reached a deal with the Ladies Professional Golf Association to webcast the Canadian Open, which is set to become the first… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 9, 2003

This was bound to come up sooner or later: the head-to-head between Google’s cache and subscription/registration sites such as… Read more »

Yahoo’s Q2 results will be announced later today…conference call at 5 PM EST.
Tune in here to listen to the conference call.
Related stor… Read more »

Vivendi Universal has closed the European arm of, the online music site that it bought two years ago. The US arm of the site has bee… Read more »

Spain has become an interesting battleground for commercial experiments in online content: papers El Pais, El Mundo, ABC, and La Vanguardia… Read more »

A profile of, arguably one of the most influential arts news sites online…a nano-publishing venture of Douglas McLennan, a… Read more »

German internet users have reservations about paying for online downloads (mainly related to software and file-sharing downloads, not necess… Read more »

The Register captures the zeitgeist surprisingly well: Guardian’s launch of new premium services is a defining moment in UK online media mar… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 8, 2003

One of my subscribers brought this to my notice: the e-mail newsletter today crashed Outlook 200 program, and also crashed his PC when he ca… Read more »

The Polish language Industry Standard website is still alive: I found that to my surprise when I searched Google for story [The site actuall… Read more »

[Premium] Fees accounted for only 22.5 percent of Yahoo’s overall sales in the first quarter. Unless that percentage starts heading higher,… Read more »

Microsoft said it will announce its membership in the Internet Home Alliance (IHA) on July 22. The IHA brings together companies from a wide… Read more »

Telstra, Australia’s biggest telecom/Net player, will mutter the last rights over the long-cold corpse of its $100 million inter… Read more »

Chinese Internet company Sohu quadrupled revenues in the second quarter as it swung to profit from a loss a year ago.
Profits: $7.5 million… Read more »

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