Stories for Jun. 30, 2003

The founder of Borders and Webvan, Louis Borders, is planning a comeback with an online content retailing solution for media industry, with… Read more »

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Stories for Jun. 29, 2003

After about a week of speculation on who RealNetworks’ mobile carrier partner in Europe will be, it is Vodafone, as expected. Vodafone will… Read more »

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Stories for Jun. 27, 2003

Forget that Guardian story on nanopublishing…Simon Waldman, the head of Guardian’s online operations, manages to do something remarkable:… Read more »

In what could become a rush among mobile operators in U.S., Sprint is expected to annouce a deal with the major music labels that brings ent… Read more »

An article by Glenn Reynolds, on the lessons continuing evolution of the so-called reality/amateur porn teach nano publishers. “So what will… Read more »

An interview with My AvantGo’s senior director Neil Versen, on the value the PDA-based content service provides to its users and advertisers… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 26, 2003

Yep, its finally online…Sony has quietly released “Stars Wars Galaxies,” the long-awaited online game based on the movie series. “Galaxies… Read more »

San Francisco-based ad agency Venables, Bell & Partner have been selected by Roxio as the agency for Napster relaunch. The announcement foll… Read more »

More and more people are playing simpler, quieter types of electronic games on the Web, cellphones and hand-helds… Read more »

An interview with Jacob Weisberg, the editor in chief of Slate, who has taken Slate to profitability…”People are realizing this is a busin… Read more »

Shares of Yahoo Japan, Japan’s most popular Internet portal, on Thursday hit their highest level since September 2000 — helped by sunny ear… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 25, 2003

Apple’s music subscription service iTunes will not be rolled out in Europe until next year, due to disputes between record companies and the… Read more »

Advance Publications has become the latest newspaper chain to implement user registration on its websites. Users at,,… Read more »

Not sure why Audible is not promoting it heavily: the spoken-audio subscription service has a killer exclusive: it has the audio version of… Read more »

Andy Bourland defines his new business as this: “So we’ve got two companies combined: one that struggled and failed to find a business model… Read more »

This is a follow up to my story on Andy Bourland buying out Adventive and MarketingFix. Seems like there’s some confusion…see MarketingFix… Read more »

The Business 2.0 story is now online. Profile of Rob Glaser and his ambitions with RNWK. A few noteworthy points:
– The story touches on G… Read more »

Interesting point about Napster continuing validity (or the lack of it): “If initial exposure to an online brand meant something, we’d all b… Read more »

Yahoo is debuting its popular streaming music service “Launch” in Europe, its first crack at the region’s burgeoning online music market. Ya… Read more »

BBC has released RSS feeds of all its content online… a humongous 68 feeds in all, broken down by geography and area of interest. Every bi… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 24, 2003

On2 Technologies, the video compression technology company, has signed licensing agreements with Beijing E-World Technology, a consortium of… Read more »

P2P companies Grokster and LimeWire–along with several other unnamed services–are launching a formal lobbying campaign to convince Congres… Read more »

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