Stories for Jun. 26, 2003

More and more people are playing simpler, quieter types of electronic games on the Web, cellphones and hand-helds… Read more »

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An interview with Jacob Weisberg, the editor in chief of Slate, who has taken Slate to profitability…”People are realizing this is a busin… Read more »

Shares of Yahoo Japan, Japan’s most popular Internet portal, on Thursday hit their highest level since September 2000 — helped by sunny ear… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 25, 2003

Apple’s music subscription service iTunes will not be rolled out in Europe until next year, due to disputes between record companies and the… Read more »

Advance Publications has become the latest newspaper chain to implement user registration on its websites. Users at,,… Read more »

Not sure why Audible is not promoting it heavily: the spoken-audio subscription service has a killer exclusive: it has the audio version of… Read more »

Andy Bourland defines his new business as this: “So we’ve got two companies combined: one that struggled and failed to find a business model… Read more »

This is a follow up to my story on Andy Bourland buying out Adventive and MarketingFix. Seems like there’s some confusion…see MarketingFix… Read more »

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The Business 2.0 story is now online. Profile of Rob Glaser and his ambitions with RNWK. A few noteworthy points:
– The story touches on G… Read more »

Interesting point about Napster continuing validity (or the lack of it): “If initial exposure to an online brand meant something, we’d all b… Read more »

Yahoo is debuting its popular streaming music service “Launch” in Europe, its first crack at the region’s burgeoning online music market. Ya… Read more »

BBC has released RSS feeds of all its content online… a humongous 68 feeds in all, broken down by geography and area of interest. Every bi… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 24, 2003

On2 Technologies, the video compression technology company, has signed licensing agreements with Beijing E-World Technology, a consortium of… Read more »

P2P companies Grokster and LimeWire–along with several other unnamed services–are launching a formal lobbying campaign to convince Congres… Read more »

OSNews, a technology news site, has started offering a faster, ad-free premium version…costs $20 a year. Interesting, the ad-free version,… Read more »

This is news, and I am skeptical…despite this being the findings of a research by Borrell Associates. TV stations as a whole generated abo… Read more »

BeatGreets, the music greetings site owned by AmericanGreetings, has tied up with MSN. The site, which offers free musical greetings, has se… Read more »

Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization is developing a technology which will make surfing audio and video co… Read more »

I have to say…Business 2.0 is a good magazine, but sometimes it comes out with these “wow-a-trend!” story…like…cell phones! Anyway, th… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 23, 2003

iVillage has inked a deal to develop aTV show about dating, tentatively called “iDate,” to be sold to cable stations. International talent a… Read more »

A story in the latest (July 2003) issue of Business 2.0, still not online, on RealNetworks and its bet on consumer subscriptions. Will it be… Read more », an online radio site on, well, 60s music, is making a killing online, according to this story. It is a subscription site, rang… Read more » has sold its leading gambling enthusiast site,, to British company Sports Information, in a move to appease… Read more »

Microsoft is expected to unveil today an upgraded version of its Pocket PC software, called Windows Mobile 2003…the new software has conte… Read more »

NewsNow, the UK-based online news montoring service, is aiming to reach its target of 20,000 online news sources within a year, following th… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 22, 2003

(via Textually) Holy Cow…A consortium of the world’s top consumer electronics firms, mobile networks and broadcasters are funding the deve… Read more »

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