Stories for Jun. 23, 2003 has sold its leading gambling enthusiast site,, to British company Sports Information, in a move to appease… Read more »

Microsoft is expected to unveil today an upgraded version of its Pocket PC software, called Windows Mobile 2003…the new software has conte… Read more »

NewsNow, the UK-based online news montoring service, is aiming to reach its target of 20,000 online news sources within a year, following th… Read more »

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Stories for Jun. 22, 2003

(via Textually) Holy Cow…A consortium of the world’s top consumer electronics firms, mobile networks and broadcasters are funding the deve… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 21, 2003

An influential and popular trade news blog (not this site!) has been bought out…look out for some announcement soon… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 20, 2003
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Martin Nisenholtz, CEO of New York Times Digital, tells it like it is: “If we were making more money we could be re-investing it in better j… Read more »

SoapCity, the soaps download site run by Sony, has finished its two-month marketing trial runs in St. Louis and Indianapolis…these cities… Read more »

Yep, this site has got a couple of more kudos:
– OJR (ok, just Mark Glaser) has ranked it among the most influential blogs, “pushing the di… Read more »

“The Hulk” won’t restrict himself to the big screen today…Moviso, the mobile services and products company, simultaneously launched an amb… Read more »

Has Apple stolen the thunder from under RNWK’s feet, with the success of iTunes? “It’s hard to design a better scenario for us than what App… Read more »

Roxio has raised $22 million in a private placement with institutional shareholders, financing that will help it resurrect the defunct Napst… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 19, 2003

We called them cartoons, now they call them digital avatars. I was attending the DA Group’s Get Real: Get Virtual seminar in London, on usin… Read more »

CBC, Canada’s biggest broadcaster, has launched a desktop version of its online news service, via Serence’s KlipFolio proprietary newsreader… Read more »

Kazaa, infamous for enabling users to swap music and videos without paying for them, wants to be the official online distributor for the ent… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 18, 2003

CNET Networks will not proceed with a planned private placement of $100 million in convertible notes, because terms were not attractive enou… Read more »

About 1,700 fans have paid $3.95 each to download the entire game video of Roger Clemens’s 300th victory from Major League Baseball’s websit… Read more »

(or, A year down the content lane, the blueprint for the future…)

“Contentment,” said Luke. “A word which should never be spoken, only sp… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 17, 2003

A Los Altos, Calif., inventor has withdrawn a patent infringement lawsuit against a dozen small newspapers…Paul Heckel alleged in the suit… Read more »

The number of broadband subscribers swelled by 49 percent in May compared with the same period last year, while the number of narrowband use… Read more »

A compelling argument on why standalone browsers, and innovation in the sector is best for the industry…Given that Microsoft has announced… Read more »

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