Stories for Jun. 2, 2003

Kazaa parent Sharman Networks and Altnet will jointly release a new bundle of file-swapping software that will include components of a new h… Read more »

CenterSpan is in taks with “a very large company in the media and entertainment industry” that is interested in CenterSpan’s technology beca… Read more »

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Stories for Jun. 1, 2003
Stories for May. 31, 2003

“Registration is the drumbeat of 2003, rather than firewalls,” he says. Both Benz and Yelvington dismiss the subscription tactic. Morris exp… Read more »

Three years after opening shop as an Internet-based financial news provider, WebFN is calling it quits. WebFN was launched in January 2001 a… Read more »

Stories for May. 30, 2003

LucasFilm will offer a sneak preview of its redesigned Website and first-ever online subscription service. Called Hyperspace, t… Read more »

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“I would be surprised if a major PC company was not offering a music service toward the critical Christmas buying season in the fourth quart… Read more »

“AOL Time Warner had long been a Microsoft holdout, endorsing RealNetworks’ technology and, more recently, developing its own internal strea… Read more »

Stories for May. 29, 2003

A Cardiff, UK company is to offer people a regular message from the bible via their mobile phones in an attempt to show how up-to-date the c… Read more »

“The simplest entry for Amazon would entail partnering with a third party such as Ecast, which has acquired distribution rights for some mus… Read more »

The companies announced a seven-year pact under which AOL will use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browsing technology for free over the next… Read more »

“Apple is the new MTV,” said Numair Faraz, 18, who has started several online service companies. “It is the new funnel for music. When thing… Read more »

MTV’s prepaid mobile services (branded “HELLO_MTV”) will initially be available in Sweden from the 1st June 2003 and will include a unique s… Read more »

Stories for May. 28, 2003

Yep, one of the big online dating site should buy out Friendster…I have already called online dating sector as a bubble before, and this i… Read more »

Sony has unveiled a game machine on Wednesday, the “PSX,” that puts a TV tuner, DVD recorder and game player in a single box.
For brilliant… Read more » will rule the world, someday, like Wal-Mart. “Asked if Amazon was planning to open an online music store, Bezos said that ‘we’ve… Read more »

Online music service MusicNet has laid off about 30 people in its Seattle office…majority owner RealNetworks is phasing out Musicnet from… Read more »

CNet Networks shares were up by more than 23 percent in afternoon trading Wednesday, on more than three times their average daily volume. St… Read more »

Walt Disney is in talks with German telecom company T-Online to offer movies on demand, online, according to this translated version of the… Read more »

Financial news and info sites like and CBS Marketwatch have been doing well in the stock market. “There is a lack of financial… Read more »

The DRM problem with ebooks: “Companies are trying to address the problem — by coming up with new forms of temporary electronic “ink,” that… Read more »

Telekom Austria broadband ADSL subscribers will have access to a new video-on-demand service,, starting from 7 June. The service will… Read more »

Apple Computer has limited a music-sharing feature from the latest version of iTunes after some Mac owners used it to swap songs over the In… Read more »

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