Stories for May. 21, 2003

iVillage has announced a partnership with to launch a “Sex Boutique” storefront. The opening of the sex boutique would coincid… Read more »

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Stories for May. 20, 2003

Had to happen sooner rather than later…Playboy Enterprises has announced a global content deal has been signed to give 3 exclusive, multi-… Read more »

There are plenty of kinks that Roxio will need to work out before Napster returns. “For one, [Roxio] relies heavily on burning software (Eas… Read more »

(free registration required): Djuice, the portal for Telenor Mobile in Norway, does not believe that users are particularly price sensitive,… Read more »

A damning critique of BigChampagne, which monitors and conducts research on peer-to-peer file-sharing networks: “It is troubling that BigCha… Read more »

UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism is organizing talks on online journalism all week and will be webcasting them live: today’s talk is on pa… Read more »

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The new Madrid-based company, called Puretunes, is the second Spanish Web service to try offering access to a vast and otherwise unavailable… Read more »

P2P player CenterSpan is no longer an operating company, and is seeking a new equity investor for some time now, and continues to do so. Cen… Read more »

Stories for May. 19, 2003

As part of the deal, Roxio bought a legal digital music distribution infrastructure and catalog rights with all five major music labels for… Read more »

For the most part, America’s most experienced Internet users already have signed up for home broadband service. And among the remaining Web… Read more »

(subscription required): Screenblast, Sony Pictures Digital’s online service for consumer-created content, has unveiled a premium subscripti… Read more »

Stories for May. 17, 2003
Stories for May. 16, 2003

Leading UK broadsheet The Times will launch its first electronic edition at the end of this month, although the publication will not be avai… Read more »

(free registration required): “Indeed, the pay-per-view model of existing premium channels is well suited to the mobile environment. However… Read more »

“The industry has long believed that the main music downloading population are teenagers downloading the likes of Eminem and Limp Bizkit, bu… Read more »

Yahooligans, Yahoo’s kid-friendly property, has some interesting challenges when trying to make revenue from its site. An interview with Yah… Read more »

Stories for May. 15, 2003

More coverage by Europemedia from the TV Meets the Web conference, which I am also covering, focusing on SMS uses for TV broadcasters. “Mike… Read more »

Siemens and Mobileway have intensified their collaboration with the launch of ‘Over-The-Air’ (OTA) micro payment solution, based on premium… Read more »

Microsoft on Thursday released a version of its MSN Internet service for the Mac OS X operating system as the software giant scrambles to ad… Read more »

If somebody opens up a keynote with: “This is a country who defeated Iraq in three weeks, but still can’t figure out SMS,” you know where th… Read more »

The IFRA’s Online Trend Day, held yesterday in Amsterdam, was a misnomer, at least this year. Except for the first hour of the conference, r… Read more »

This is perhaps the most exciting piece of revelation that came out of the IFRA conference. Sydsvenska Dagbladet, the fourth largest newspap… Read more »

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