Stories for May. 22, 2003

The [ringtones] market has already topped $1 billion globally and has been all the rage in Europe and Asia for several years. Sales in the U… Read more »

loading external resource is expected to announce a deal with Microsoft on Thursday to use the latest version of the software giant’s digital media technol… Read more »

MSFT is e-mailing users of MSN Calendar, an online calendar service, telling them they must subscribe to MSN 8 by June 24 or lose access to… Read more »

Alina Cho has been named correspondent for ABC News Live, a position that gives her anchor and reporter responsibilities for the 24-hour bro… Read more »

America Online has begun offering its members an entertainment e-mail service–The e-mails, free to AOL subscribers who sign up for the serv… Read more »

Roxio, which this week bought the Pressplay music service, on Wednesday posted sharply higher Q4 earnings. The Santa Clara, California-based… Read more »

Stories for May. 21, 2003
loading external resource

A promising new set of chips, a possible Quark version for OS X, a surge in online advertising, and a new music store could goose sales — a… Read more »

Dream on…”There have been many attempts to create Web-based local publications,” says Martin Nisenholtz, the CEO of New York Times Digital… Read more »

“The [Apple] service feels like half a loaf–it only begins to offer the music experience that is possible with the Internet….I’m talking… Read more »

iVillage has announced a partnership with to launch a “Sex Boutique” storefront. The opening of the sex boutique would coincid… Read more »

Stories for May. 20, 2003

Had to happen sooner rather than later…Playboy Enterprises has announced a global content deal has been signed to give 3 exclusive, multi-… Read more »

There are plenty of kinks that Roxio will need to work out before Napster returns. “For one, [Roxio] relies heavily on burning software (Eas… Read more »

(free registration required): Djuice, the portal for Telenor Mobile in Norway, does not believe that users are particularly price sensitive,… Read more »

A damning critique of BigChampagne, which monitors and conducts research on peer-to-peer file-sharing networks: “It is troubling that BigCha… Read more »

UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism is organizing talks on online journalism all week and will be webcasting them live: today’s talk is on pa… Read more »

The new Madrid-based company, called Puretunes, is the second Spanish Web service to try offering access to a vast and otherwise unavailable… Read more »

P2P player CenterSpan is no longer an operating company, and is seeking a new equity investor for some time now, and continues to do so. Cen… Read more »

Stories for May. 19, 2003

As part of the deal, Roxio bought a legal digital music distribution infrastructure and catalog rights with all five major music labels for… Read more »

For the most part, America’s most experienced Internet users already have signed up for home broadband service. And among the remaining Web… Read more »

(subscription required): Screenblast, Sony Pictures Digital’s online service for consumer-created content, has unveiled a premium subscripti… Read more »

Stories for May. 17, 2003
Stories for May. 16, 2003

Leading UK broadsheet The Times will launch its first electronic edition at the end of this month, although the publication will not be avai… Read more »

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