Stories for May. 12, 2003

Through a mix of cultural and technological forces, Lineage and other “massively multiplayer” online games–MMOGs for short–have gripped th… Read more »

Look out Nintendo. A startup called TapWave is reinventing the Palm Pilot as a gaming platform.
Also read, “Tapwave Readies Gamer’s PDA”. Read more »

An analysis story from UK’s perspective, following Independent’s new subscription website, which was first reported here. Read more »

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The Digital Media Events Blog features business events in the digital media-online and wireless sector. These are conferences, summits, webc… Read more »

Stories for May. 11, 2003
Stories for May. 10, 2003

“His next step would be to apply Apple’s design elegance and create an “iTV” device that integrates with Macintosh OS X, the Internet, and y… Read more »

Apple is pulling [micropayments mechanism] off using the traditional credit card system. Everyone knows your profit margin is eaten alive in… Read more »

Stories for May. 9, 2003

The 2003 EPpy Awards–awarded for the best online work by media companies, mainly from an editorial perspective–were presented Friday in Sa… Read more »

Does a pocket TV sound utopian to you? It is, however, far from that, for a digital TV receiver which works over the Internet has been in te… Read more »

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“The phase we are entering [in wireless commerce], the content phase, is one in which people purchase content that is then delivered to thei… Read more »

eUniverse, which announced that it would restate its financial results over accounting issues, said on Thursday the Securities and Exchange… Read more », the spoken/downloadable audio subscription service, is now available to all users of Apple’s new iPod digital audio players. Read more »

“What’s amusing to me, is that most of the Weblogs I use are for business purposes. But I end up signing up for their e-mail as well, so now… Read more »

Siemens has teamed up with German TV channels, 13th Street and Studio Universal (part of Universal Studios) to turn TV shows into a mobile f… Read more »

The emphasis on broadband inside America Online has moved from the sidelines, with only eight employees a year ago, to become the centerpiec… Read more »

Stories for May. 8, 2003

Primedia has dismantled its Media Central unit, and various magazines under its umbrella will now report to different sections within Primed… Read more »

The Financial Times’ marketing boss who quit the newspaper earlier this week has followed fellow former FT executive Michael Murphy to join… Read more » has begun offering stock quotes and snippets of its news stories to users of AOL Instant Messenger, in an attempt to attract new sub… Read more »

A curious figure cited by David Day, SVP at Neilsen-Netratings in UK, speaking at the Interactive Media conference in London on Wednesday: T… Read more »

Electronic Arts is mulling subscription fees for its online Web games and Madden football. It’s a pretty bold plan ? and one that could conc… Read more »

Stories for May. 7, 2003

Playboy Enterprises has swung into profit, on the strength of its website and television operations. Profits came in at $600,000, compared t… Read more »

This is the new new battle in the online media: Google’ CEO Eric Schmidt believes said at an industry conference that Internet companies th… Read more »

Online profiling vendors are raking it it, sort of. A controversial practice from the dot-com heyday, profiling is making a comeback as some… Read more »

Australia’s online consumers are increasingly comfortable with the idea of paying for content…..yep, rejoice. Read more »

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