Stories for May. 15, 2003

The IFRA’s Online Trend Day, held yesterday in Amsterdam, was a misnomer, at least this year. Except for the first hour of the conference, r… Read more »

This is perhaps the most exciting piece of revelation that came out of the IFRA conference. Sydsvenska Dagbladet, the fourth largest newspap… Read more »

: Don’t get fooled by Bruno Patino’s boyish charms and French manners. Behind it he hides one of the sharpest brains in online media. As the… Read more »

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Maybe we should, maybe we shouldn’t. Get into mobile content, that is. The pros and cons of it were given at the IFRA conference by Constant… Read more »

Stay with me on this thread, as I try to explain a subtle point: do you remember that American ad in which this podgy guy finished surfing t… Read more »

eMeta has won the Best Digital Rights Management Solution Codie Award
from the Software & Information Industry Association, for its eRights… Read more »

Jamdat Mobile, a wireless game developer, is acquiring Hexacto Games, a provider of games for Palm, Pocket PC and 3G phone platforms. As a r… Read more »

Electronics giant Sony has been eying the handheld gaming market for years but held off until technology and the market were right, a compan… Read more »

Sony Online Entertainment has introduced plans for an all-encompassing subscription service that’ll allow gamers access to all of the compan… Read more »

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As I reported yesterday, Comcast and RealNetworks have partnered to offer a cobranded online game service to high-speed Internet subscribers… Read more »

(free registration required): RealNetworks makes a push into mobile streaming media. But will it succeed? “Real’s future in mobile streaming… Read more »

Stories for May. 14, 2003

A better plan is not a headlong charge, but remaining tempered. If you must charge, begin by charging for only the exclusive items on your s… Read more »

Some Web publishers have traditional-media stars in their eyes as they venture into radio or television, in a new sign of the digital domain… Read more »

And I am not a celebrity, so please don’t get me out of here…The IFRA Online Trends Conference is a brilliant one…perhaps the smartest s… Read more »

Stories for May. 13, 2003

America Online announced Tuesday that it has promoted former entertainment division head Kevin Conroy to run operations for its broadband se… Read more »

Apple is negotiating with major European record labels to launch a version of its hugely successful iTunes online music download store befor… Read more »

Verizon and Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled their long-awaited joint DSL service for $34.95 a month, with a $5 discount for customers of certa… Read more »

I am in Amsterdam for the rest of this week, covering two major European events:
– IFRA Online Trend Day on May 14th, with speakers such a… Read more »

Stories for May. 12, 2003

America Online has started charging a small fee for the Expressions for AOL Instant Messenger users. Expressions — downloadable skins or th… Read more »

Daniel Mao has stepped down as CEO of Chinese Internet media company and will be replaced Wang Yan, the president of the portal, Read more »

(via Frank Barnako): MSN Radio Plus, a new radio subscription service, in competition with services such as Yahoo Launch and RealOne RadioPA… Read more »

The growing popularity of online “blogs” – personal logs of ordinary internet users that link to stories throughout the globe – also contrib… Read more »

Through a mix of cultural and technological forces, Lineage and other “massively multiplayer” online games–MMOGs for short–have gripped th… Read more »

Look out Nintendo. A startup called TapWave is reinventing the Palm Pilot as a gaming platform.
Also read, “Tapwave Readies Gamer’s PDA”. Read more »

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