Stories for May. 3, 2003

Sony has bought off the desktop software assets of Sonic Foundry, the company that helped develop core software for Sony’s own broadband ser… Read more »

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Stories for May. 2, 2003

Golden Gate Private Equity was the winning bidder for the bulk of Divine?s assets at an auction held Monday and Tuesday, court documents sho… Read more »

IGN Entertainment, the online gaming information network, has slipped back in red, after a profitable last quarter. It reported a net loss o… Read more »

Ah, the dilemma. “What does need to happen, and I’ve suggested it before, is to have software get smarter. People on bandwidth limited devic… Read more »

European telecom operator Orange and Walt Disney Internet Group have signed a European content distribution agreement, giving Orange custome… Read more »

Conspiracy theories are going around the industry following new rules Visa U.S.A. imposed late last year requiring adult content Websites to… Read more »

The Apple’s subscription music service, which went live Monday, sold an estimated 275,000 tracks at 99 cents apiece in its first 18 hours, a… Read more »

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Stories for May. 1, 2003

MediaSpan Group, a provider of pre-press software and Internet new-media programs for newspapers and radio stations, has landed an additiona… Read more »

File-Cash, a new “legitimate” P2P sharing network, will launch from June 1, and offer a catalog of music from over 100 independent labels.… Read more »

Sony Music Entertainment is the first major music company to sign an agreement to publish applications and content for QUALCOMM’s Binary Run… Read more »

A comprehensive interview on Disney’s digital plans, and its future, with Attila Gazdag, Managing Director of the Walt Disney Internet Group… Read more »

Apple Computer’s new music service could help shift the battle to control digital media away from Microsoft’s proprietary file formats, acco… Read more »

“According to academics who’ve studied the economics of digital music distribution, the cost still seems too high to attract users of peer-t… Read more »

David Pogue of NYT reviews the new music service: “Among the Music Store’s many grace notes and pleasant surprises, the most amazing is the… Read more »

A good overview of the wireless cotent market in the U.S. “[T]he licensing action is hot and heavy. Some wireless content distributors belie… Read more »

Guess which company is poised to dominate the online game market for children: Disney, with its Toontown gaming service. Read more »

Stories for Apr. 29, 2003

Anne Holland does a quick case-study of SportingNews online. Some interetsing facts and figures: Online revs. have shifted dramatically fro… Read more »

“At the annual convention of the Newspaper Association of America, Gates said newspapers will deliver information and services like video me… Read more »

Chinese Internet media company reported a surge in profits in the first quarter on Tuesday but said its online gaming business s… Read more »

Comedy Central will license cartoon series South Park to games publisher IN-FUSIO, and will be made available this summer. The deal will lea… Read more »

As expected,, along with newswires France’s AFX News and China’s Xinhua Financial Networks, has formed “World Business News”… Read more »

A milestone for the wireless content industry: South Korea has adopted Sun Microsystem’s Java platform for a new wireless Internet standard.… Read more »

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