Stories for May. 1, 2003

MediaSpan Group, a provider of pre-press software and Internet new-media programs for newspapers and radio stations, has landed an additiona… Read more »

File-Cash, a new “legitimate” P2P sharing network, will launch from June 1, and offer a catalog of music from over 100 independent labels.… Read more »

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Sony Music Entertainment is the first major music company to sign an agreement to publish applications and content for QUALCOMM’s Binary Run… Read more »

A comprehensive interview on Disney’s digital plans, and its future, with Attila Gazdag, Managing Director of the Walt Disney Internet Group… Read more »

Apple Computer’s new music service could help shift the battle to control digital media away from Microsoft’s proprietary file formats, acco… Read more »

“According to academics who’ve studied the economics of digital music distribution, the cost still seems too high to attract users of peer-t… Read more »

David Pogue of NYT reviews the new music service: “Among the Music Store’s many grace notes and pleasant surprises, the most amazing is the… Read more »

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A good overview of the wireless cotent market in the U.S. “[T]he licensing action is hot and heavy. Some wireless content distributors belie… Read more »

Guess which company is poised to dominate the online game market for children: Disney, with its Toontown gaming service. Read more »

Stories for Apr. 29, 2003

Anne Holland does a quick case-study of SportingNews online. Some interetsing facts and figures: Online revs. have shifted dramatically fro… Read more »

“At the annual convention of the Newspaper Association of America, Gates said newspapers will deliver information and services like video me… Read more »

Chinese Internet media company reported a surge in profits in the first quarter on Tuesday but said its online gaming business s… Read more »

Comedy Central will license cartoon series South Park to games publisher IN-FUSIO, and will be made available this summer. The deal will lea… Read more »

As expected,, along with newswires France’s AFX News and China’s Xinhua Financial Networks, has formed “World Business News”… Read more »

A milestone for the wireless content industry: South Korea has adopted Sun Microsystem’s Java platform for a new wireless Internet standard.… Read more »

Yahoo Platinum the multi-media subscription service in competition with RealNetworks’s RealOne, has added new content with video and audio c… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 28, 2003

Buried at the end of the long, long Fortune story I linked to below, a tantalizing possibility: “AOL has been trying to develop its own musi… Read more »

A fawning series of exclusive stories on Apple’s new music service, including an interview with Steve Jobs, a review of the iTunes music ser… Read more »

The incredibly-hyped Apple online music service has been launched today. The songs cost 99 cents each to download, with no subscription fee,… Read more »

Ed’s Note: “Tying it Up” is a new regular tidbit which will keep a watch on trends, collating news and analysis from not just online content… Read more »

An interview with singer Peter Gabriel on his digital music company OD2 and his belief in the ftire of music subscription services. “The mus… Read more »

“The key here is whether consumers will be forced to have a subscription, or can download tracks and pay as they go,” said Josh Bernoff, sen… Read more » has signed up 53,000 subscribers in the first year it started charging, while the total number of users has risen to 3.5 million per… Read more »

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