Stories for Apr. 21, 2003

Fox channels will start airing Classmates from June 30, a show based and developed through The show will be a “half-hour str… Read more »

An interesting interview with Cindy Bowens, the Community Manager of Sigil Games Online, a new online multiplayer game community. Read more »

A detailed interview with RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser which focuses on the impact of Microsoft on RealNetworks…more specifically, Microsof… Read more »

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The Independent, the “independent” newspaper in UK, is launching a subscription/micropayments service, dubbed Independent Portfolio, which w… Read more »

Softbank’s Internet video-on-demand subsidiary Softbank Broadmedia is pushing a little-noticed technology that promises to stream DVD-qualit… Read more »

There seems to a big shakeout at Infoworld…many of the original columnists are leaving, and many of them are starting ther own weblogs. Se… Read more »

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“Jobs has tried to strike a balance between the entertainment industry’s protectionist stance toward music, and the attitude of some in the… Read more »

MusicMatch has launched a new web-based version of its music service which will allow workplace users–who either can’t or don’t want to dow… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 20, 2003
Stories for Apr. 18, 2003

If you still had doubts that the adult industry online had become mainstream, read this: the Network for Online Commerce, the telcom trade a… Read more »

The oldest newsletter on online marketing..he is still 125,000 subscribers strong. Read more »

“To pull it off, Jobs would have to get enough labels and artists to agree to a simple 99 cents-a-song approach: a stiff challenge. That’s w… Read more »

An analysis article following the release of a white paper by Cryptography Research Inc, containing recommendations for a new type of archit… Read more »

Marketing to younger consumers worries managers at American Greetings and archrival Hallmark. A story on the challenges facing online greeti… Read more »

A program that allows Mac users to share music playlists over the Internet has been published again, after Apple shut down the original vers… Read more »

In essence: “To succeed in the coming era, media companies will have to use advanced content management tools like IBM’s DB2 Content Manager… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 17, 2003

Like America Online, Microsoft’s MSN Internet service is feeling the pinch of competition from both high-speed and budget dial-up ISPs…how… Read more »

Throughout history there have been a variety of ways that artists have gotten paid so they can create their work: Through an ecosystem which… Read more »

Online-entertainment network eUniverse (Nasdaq:EUNI) reduced its earnings projections for its fiscal fourth quarter, citing the ongoing geop… Read more »

“AOL management isn’t willing to risk anything to find out. The result is an underwhelming growth strategy. Instead of the fabled keep-it-si… Read more »

A very informative research into what users do with mobile video, based on a Finnish (where else?) study. Mobile phones suitable for viewing… Read more »

Streaming adult services such as pornography will generate just five percent of mobile content revenues in 2008, dispelling the myth that se… Read more »

One of the oldest online newsletters, The TidBITS, providing news on the Mac community, has turned 13. “Read TidBITS and you’ll learn along… Read more » has named Randy Stearns executive producer in charge of editorial and production for the site’s all-hours news service. Read more »

Stories for Apr. 16, 2003

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has denied that his company made a bid for Vivendi Universal’s Universal Music Group. “Apple has never made any offe… Read more »

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