Stories for Apr. 12, 2003

Stories following Apple’s reported ambition to buy Universal Music from Vivendi for $6 billion:
–Now It’s Microsoft: Microsoft has express… Read more »

The 157-year old Canadian regional newspaper Hamilton Spectator is turning its website into a premium site, starting April 22. “Spectator [p… Read more »

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An analysis of the possible acquisition of Universal Music by Apple, by the Microsoft-specialist at CNET, writing for BetaNews. “Ap… Read more »

Yahoo has begun offering streaming video highlights of National Hockey League playoff games as part of its Yahoo Platinum service, making th… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 11, 2003, one of the leading subscription community site, has bought out, the biggest geneology site. Financial details we… Read more »

An interview with Paul Rossi, publisher of, on how the site balances free and paid content, and the mix of revenues. Read more »

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Online movie subscription site Movielink, a joint venture of five Hollywood movie studios, is being sued for patent infringement by USA Vide… Read more »

While most news sites around the world have yet to figure how to coax readers into paying for online news, Japan’s No. 2 newspaper Asahi Sh… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 10, 2003

Reuters, which launched its Raw Video streaming news service online on Mar 19, and was supposed to charge for it within a week, has changed… Read more »

The second Digital Download Day, the music industry?s promotion of unequivocably legal digital music, kicked off in the UK yesterday with th… Read more » has reached the 675,000 subscribers mark, according to the Q1 results of parent Dow Jones, released today. That is a 5.5 percent inc… Read more »

“When I’m making that 15th readers’ appeal, I sometimes feel like I’ve become a marketing person, rather than an editor. There are days when… Read more », the official site of Star Wars, is going to turn subscription in the near future. The fan site of Episode III analyzes the new… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 9, 2003

The Association for Information and Image Management, International (AIIM International) has announced the formation of an international joi… Read more »

Yahoo’s first-quarter results beat analysts’ profit forecasts as sales leaped 47 percent on the back of solid growth in advertising and prem… Read more »

UK will create the first official music download chart. Digital distribution specialist OD2 is backing the scheme in partnership with The Of… Read more »

Nua, an Irish site popular among online professionals for its news on internet statistics and research, has been bought by Jupitermedia. The… Read more »

(free registration): A detailed story on the early days of the mobile transactions dream. There are a number of solutions in the market, but… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 8, 2003

(via Corante on Blogging): “I fear that this could be like some of those first struggles on the Net. When the first Netizens were among fri… Read more »

(free registration): Walt Disney Chairman Michael Eisner said Monday at NAB that his company would not let the threat of piracy keep it from… Read more »

Ten percent of the music sold in the world last year was ringtones: $3 billion. That figure from Jay Alan Samit, president, EMI Record Music… Read more »

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