Stories for Mar. 28, 2003

Gateway is launching a high-profile ad campaign designed to advertise its digital-music services and educate consumers about what “rights an… Read more »

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A report on the speech by online movie subscription service Movielink’s CEO Jim Ramo at the Digital Media Summit. “Film studios have an adva… Read more »

A review of a new book which shows media sites how to leverage the mother of all search engines. “Last year’s launch of the Google API provi… Read more »

A popular community and news site on PocketPC technology, PocketPC Thoughts, will go subscription very soon, according to founder in this in… Read more »

The Dutch ISP Planet Internet introduced a games subscription service. For a small monthly fee, about $10, you get unlimited access to a gro… Read more »

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Stories for Mar. 27, 2003 served a record 10 million video streams on Friday, up from 9.7 million last Thursday. This tops the 6 million video streams on 9/… Read more »

Mobile operators in Western Europe at last appear to be halting the long-term decline in average revenue per user (ARPU) ? an essential step… Read more »

Not necessarily related to content directly, but am important step in content technology, nonetheless. Macromedia has released a new softwar… Read more »

The Food Network plans to retool its website, redesigning portions of and gradually adding elements that take advantage of b… Read more »

FullAudio launched a revamped version of its music subscription service Wednesday and said it finally had rights to distribute music from al… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 26, 2003

In a significant move for music, Madonna is selling her new antiwar single, “American Life” on her Website, charging $1.49 for the download… Read more »

Wireless technology provider Moviso has teamed with to deliver electronic greetings and graphics to mobile devices thr… Read more »

AOL has moved into some sort of competition with telecom companies. It unveiled its latest paid service, which lets subscribers listen to v… Read more »

The discussions at the Jupiter Online Media Conference here Tuesday echoed with a growing sentiment that the money lies in providing service… Read more »

Synacor, the web content distribution firm which is targeting second tier ISPs with an alternative multi-media subscription service, has sec… Read more »

It’s not the easiest time to be selling music the old-fashioned way. An interview with Pamela Horovitz, president of the National Associatio… Read more »

This according to Tim Sanders, the chief solutions officer at Yahoo, speaking at the Jupiter Online Media Conference. He said that portal to… Read more »

Australians could be paying for MP3 files over the telephone following the announcement of plans by peer-to-peer provider Altnet to use cont… Read more » may take a hit due to lower ratings for the NCAA. But it is still a dot-com survivor. But the company is not the wisest inves… Read more »

America Online is expected to announce that it will replace RealNetworks with Dolby as the default audio streaming technology for its narrow… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 25, 2003

This according to Jacob Weisberg, the editor of Slate, who was speaking on a panel at Jupiter Online Media Conference, where I was also spea… Read more »

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