Stories for Mar. 25, 2003

This according to Jacob Weisberg, the editor of Slate, who was speaking on a panel at Jupiter Online Media Conference, where I was also spea… Read more »

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This time by Jupiter Research, to coincide with the Jupiter Online Media Conference. According to the report, consumers are warming to the n… Read more »

In an attempt to push its print subscribers online, has launched “Afternoon Report”– an add-on that updates with fresh news twice… Read more »

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Stories for Mar. 24, 2003

“Executives of AOL, Yahoo,, and the Webcaster RealNetworks say that the hunger for up-to-the-minute news of troops on th… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 21, 2003

“RealNetworks Inc., which transmits streaming audio and video for C-Span, ABC News, CBS News, and National Public Radio, said that its traff… Read more »

The Sun Herald has started asking users top register before accessing the content. The letter outlines why the move was necessary, though it… Read more »

“Two years from now, I firmly believe we’ll be able to use a PC or PC-like device to record television programs and then stream those progra… Read more »

Any guesses on how soon Yahoo Platinum and RealOne service would start to look like clones of each other? Yahoo?s brand new Platinum video s… Read more »

“Whether it’s luck or just savvy marketing, the debuts of streaming media services from ABC News and Yahoo! are well-timed…indeed every st… Read more »

Originally designed for updating Internet portals, RSS has found new life among publishers of Web logs and is starting to catch on with news… Read more »

“MSN…is a network that doesn’t care about being a network, like a supposedly hip restaurant that secretly yearns to be a car wash. And so… Read more »

ABC has become an online behemoth. The unit’s just-launched subscription all-news channel, along with the massive Web site and W… Read more »

I have been test driving two newly launched subscription video services: the’s ABC News Live (video file) 24-hour online channel… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 20, 2003

The Reuters video service, which will go subscription from next week, will have a weekly and a monthly subscription option, a source at Reut… Read more »

Walter Mossberg reviews RealNetworks’ RealOne service and likes the content, though he was not happy with the buggy software, an experience… Read more »

Analysts are urging companies not to look past the gaming market for huge revenue potential, and In-Stat/MDR estimates hundreds of millions… Read more »

A good analysis on how this present conflict may mean mainstreaming of streaming news online, so to speak. And the conundrum of whether to c… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 19, 2003

(via IWantMedia): Mossberg finally discovers Audible downloadable audio service, and test drives it. He does like it: “Overall, Audible prov… Read more »

(see second story): A network of Internet radio broadcasters as announced the formation of the Internet Radio Marketing Group, a network foc… Read more »

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