Stories for Mar. 14, 2003

In a new offering from Moviso, popular song excerpts and sound effects — all licensed and authentic — are available on the company’s TruTo… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 13, 2003

“The mere presence of subscription content may add to percieved value of a site. But again, this depends on the user…to other users with l… Read more »

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Less than nine months after its launch, Sony’s PlayStation 2 Internet adapter, which enables online gaming, has sold almost one million unit… Read more »

New research by Jupiter Research: nearly twice as many online consumers are willing to pay $17.99 for a CD that has unrestricted copy abili… Read more »

How news sites such as and are preparing for the war: “Heightened interest in online news could make this the perfect momen… Read more »

T-Online, Europe’s biggest internet service provider, today posted upbeat fourth quarter results as revenues and profits increased. The comp… Read more »

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Why Mediated Media Will Never Go Away?: A coherent argument on why interactivity and choices may not really be as big as media pioneers and… Read more »

Europe Online to Launch Subscription Broadband Channels: Wavexpress, a broadband technology and services provider, and Europe Online, operat… Read more »

“Just as in the offline world, the online Sports category represents an attractive vehicle through which marketers can target highly engaged… Read more »

Some of the BBC’s websites are likely to close as the corporation cuts back on its online investment. After several years of explosive growt… Read more »

Can Online Publishing Attract the E-Generation?: “Web sites and newspapers are designed to be read in different ways, in different situation… Read more »

Destination Sites Biggest Losers in the Dotcom Bust: Traditional dot-coms such as e-commerce and content websites, known as Internet “destin… Read more »

Record label Sony Music Entertainment on Wednesday unveiled a new “mobile music” service for cell phones that’s missing something: tunes to… Read more »

3 UK Sign up Endomol UK’s Zeppotron: 3 UK, the 3G mobile service launched earlier this week, has entered into an agreement with Zeppotron, t… Read more »

Apple’s Chance to Get Online Music Right: The story presents a case for why Apple should break the mold among the online music services, by… Read more »

Will’s Move Be Followed by Others?: Hard to tell, but as I said before, I would have expected and to be the fi… Read more »

Save PDAs by Making Them More Fun: “All I’m suggesting is that the current line of Treos and other phone/PDA combos could be the first gener… Read more »

Mobile content delivery and billing specialist Mobileway claims to have deployed the first billable consumer MMS service in conjunction with… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 12, 2003 Launches 24-Hours Online News Channel: And I thought or would beat them to it… plans to launch a… Read more »

Mazingo to Stream AP Video on Wireless Service: Mazingo Mobile Entertainment Network, a subscription based wireless/PDA channel, will offer… Read more »

Swiss Paper Allows Content Payment Through Mobiles: Swiss newspaper Le Temps is to allow its online readers to pay for archived articles usi… Read more »

Video Streams Grow 53 Percent in 2002: According to new research by AccuStream iMedia Research, total streams served increased by 52.3 perce… Read more »

Plans to hard-wire copy protection into popular digital music and video devices (into the chips themselves) are being shelved as the consume… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 11, 2003

mmO2 To Start Music-Over-Mobile Pilot: British mobile operator mmO2 announced that it is to trial the world’s first ‘music over mobile’ serv… Read more »

MLB To Show Games Online, But Blacking Out Local Areas: Major League Baseball plans to Webcast nearly 1,000 games this season — but it will… Read more »

Traffic Tools Track Web’s Prime Time: Web researchers and competitors Nielsen/NetRatings and ComScore Media Metrix are starting to measure I… Read more »

Alive and Well: Now-defunct dotcoms tried a lot of dumb things. But that doesn’t mean the fundamental ideas they believed in are dumb. That,… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 10, 2003

TerraTec Buys BeSonic Music Service: TerraTec Electronic, the German based sound-card developer, has taken over the internet music service B… Read more »

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