Stories for Mar. 5, 2003

EA’s Follies in the Online World: A detailed analysis of Electronic Art’s forays online and how it hasn’t worked out as they hoped it would:… Read more »

3G Network May Carry Adult Video: Britain’s newest mobile phone network, 3, which was soft-launched Monday, is planning to use the technolog… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 4, 2003

Apple Preparing Digital Music Service: Apple Computer is preparing an online music-buying service for Macintosh and iPod users and is close… Read more »

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Microsoft’s Xbox Live Passes 350,000 Subscribers: Microsoft has signed up more than 350,000 subscribers worldwide for its Xbox Live online v… Read more »

Band Generates Funds for Album Through Website: More and more artists are starting their own fan club subscription services online. The stor… Read more »

Synacor to Re-sell Online Multi-Media Premium Services: This is a major move: Synacor, a Buffalo, N.Y.-based technology firm, has emerged fr… Read more »

This one is about two weeks old, but important enough: I noted the launch of the new micropayments company Peppercoin. This is a more detail… Read more »

EA Consolidates Into Core: Game software maker Electronic Arts plans to consolidate online business into its company’s core op… Read more »

MakeMusic (Nasdaq: MMUS) has completed a $3 million private placement of its common stock. The private placement includes an investment of $… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 3, 2003
loading external resource Makes First Profit: As the parent paper made a loss during the second half of the last year, the website broke into profit for the fi… Read more »

AOL’s Sessions’ Moves Offline to TV: AOL and MuchMusic USA signed a deal to move the popular broadband online music program “Sessions@AOL” o… Read more »

Will Salon the Brand Save (via “‘Barring a miracle, they’ll be closed within weeks’…Also counting in its favou… Read more »

A story on how fantasy sports has become a big revenue churner for online sports sites, and a good overview on all the major players in the… Read more »

Friends Reunited Signs ex-FT boss in Expansion Push: Online reunion site Friends Reunited has hired former FT chief Michael Murphy as part o… Read more »

TV Content the Next Big Target for RealNetworks: This according to Merrill Brown, senior VP of RNWK’s RealOne service. “We think people will… Read more »

Online Artist Fan Clubs Research Survey: LP Visions, a marketing consultancy, did a survey of the music artists’ official online fan clubs,… Read more »

Primer on Digital Music Subscription Sites: Here’s a quick comparison on the various subscription music alternatives in the market. Read more »

AOL Aims to Cash In on Instant Messenger Success: “AOL has begun trying to sell specialized versions of IM to businesses. For example, it ha… Read more »

The DSL-TV Foundation in Netherland is to begin broadcasting six international channels – one Iraqi TV station, a Chinese station (CCTV9), B… Read more »

E-Music Sites Settle on Prices. It’s a Start: After years of confusion, most of the big record labels have coalesced around a set of prices… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 2, 2003

Bloomberg, Reuters Face Challenge From New-Tech Upstarts: Reuters Group and Bloomberg may be heading the same way as the now-defunct telex m… Read more »

Stories for Mar. 1, 2003

Will Yahoo Platinum Be a (Real) Nightmare?: An analysis story on Yahoo’s launch of the imminent multi-media subscription service, against Re… Read more »

Breaking News and Subscription Sites: An excellent point raised by Staci Kramer on OJR, though of course the story deals with bigger issues… Read more »

Dan Gillmor’s Live Coverage of the Digital Rights Management Conference: He reports live from what he dubs the “Digital Restrictions Managem… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 28, 2003

European Carriers Unite for M-commerce: Four of Europe’s top wireless operators have joined forces on a mobile payment initiative designed t… Read more »

Vodafone plans to head off the threat posed by the launch of the UK’s first third generation mobile phone network by offering its customers… Read more »

Kevin Werbach on ‘Webification of TV’: “[T]he greatest challenge for the established TV industry is to find a viable economic model in the a… Read more »

ISMA Forms Content Advisory Board: The Internet Streaming Media Alliance (ISMA), a non profit formed by Cisco, Apple, IBM, Kasenna, Philips,… Read more » to Inaugurate 2003 Season with Streaming: MLB Advanced Media, the interactive arm of Major League Baseball, announced yesterday that… Read more »

Why File-Sharing Advocats Resist: “For the middlemen, the future is not quite so bleak. If fans who once spent $15 a month on CDs start spen… Read more »

Radio Station WMVY and Music for Cubicles Offer Ad-free Online Pay Radio: WMVY, the legendary alternative radio station, and Music for Cubic… Read more »

Sony Backs Rival MusicNet: Sony Music, co-owner of the Pressplay online music service, has provided funding to rival service MusicNet. This… Read more »

Searching for Online Profits in Japan: Japan’s largest newspaper Web sites get hundreds of millions of page views per month. But many new me… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 27, 2003

The Complete Home Entertainer?: “Sony is pursuing the other big idea in the media giants’ growth strategy: vertical integration. But once ag… Read more »

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