Stories for Feb. 14, 2003

Life advice via SMS for users: has teamed up with the life coach Fiona Harrold to offer users a lifestyle coac… Read more »

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Stories for Feb. 13, 2003

Hoover’s bidders Austin, Marathon back out: Buyout firm Marathon Partners and technology investor Austin Ventures, the partnership that was… Read more »

How USAI Weaves a Strategic Web: CFO Dara Khosrowshahi says any online acquisition it makes “has to allow us to really change the game” and… Read more » burns CD-copying fee: In an aggressive move to boost subscriptions, online music company on Thursday cut what it charg… Read more »

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How to Save the Music Industry: Abandon current online efforts and buy Kazaa. Read more »

Terra Lycos, Telefonica Sign Long-Term Internet Alliance: Makes Terra Lycos the sole Internet provider for Telefonica’s value-added services… Read more »

Semel: Products to drive Yahoo in 2003: As expected, the company announced a streaming video subscription service and a planned premium serv… Read more »

The Tortoise And the Hare, At Internet Speed: Lately Yahoo is looking like the proverbial tortoise that plodded ahead to win the race while… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 12, 2003

Yahoo!, BT Partner for Broadband Services
: The content player and service provider will intro premium services, including spam control and… Read more »

AOL to entice users with access to CNN: America Online plans to offer high-speed subscribers free access to CNN’s video news services beginn… Read more »

Top Online Media Execs See Bright Future: “Their thoughts on paid content were interesting. Initially, the group identified paid content as… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 11, 2003

TVTonic by Wavexpress may just be the solution broadband operators are seeking. A monthly subscription fee gives users access to high qualit… Read more »

FullAudio Appoints EW’s Founder Scott Kauffman As CEO: FullAudio, the subscription music service provider, has appointed of Scott Kauffman,… Read more »

D&B Won’t Raise Offer for Hoover’s: D&B will not raise its offer for online data provider Hoover’s despite a higher, competing bid that was… Read more »

Music Industry To Ring Up New Revenues: Music industry’s new frontier: the world’s 1.1 billion mobile phone users and the sales opportunitie… Read more »

Untapped Potential of Online Media: “The participants (who included the online directors of key publications such as Le Monde, The Guardian,… Read more »

When Free Begets Fee: An interesting point by Vin Crosbie about why free content is good to promote your “real” services: “This column is pr… Read more »

SPD, Qualcomm Play Mobile Games: Sony Pictures Digital and Qualcomm will bring movie-based games to mobile phones. All of these products wil… Read more »

Pressplay Adding Charts, Radio, More tracks: Pressplay announced a new version of its music subscription service that includes tailored acce… Read more »

Is AOL’s BYOA Price Too High?: AOL is about to start pushing its Bring Your Own Access broadband service, but some say the price is too high… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 10, 2003 is peddling Anna K’s exclusive video footage, through RealOne SuperPass subscription service. This is not the SI calendar, but… Read more »

Can Yahoo Make the Bounce Last?: “Yahoo will soon roll out a “bring-your-own-broadband” service. Subscribers will pay a monthly fee to use a… Read more »

Dutch Company Scoin Tests New Payment System: The old is new again: Dutch company Scoin has started field-testing its new e-commerce payment… Read more »

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