Stories for Feb. 18, 2003

Reuters to Buy Multex: Reuters, which has just announced a major restructuring, has also announced an agreement to buy the rest of… Read more »

CNET Networks Re-launches ZDNet: CNET has announced the re-launch of its ZDNet website with an eye toward being a relationship portal for bu… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 17, 2003

FullAudio Sees Market Moving Away from “Napster” Model: FullAudio predicts that older adults both male and female will soon become digital m… Read more »

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Microsoft Calls on T-Mobile: Microsoft and T-Mobile will cooperate in a series of initiatives that will bring the computer giant’s software… Read more »

Classmates: The Power of ‘Whatever Happened To…?’: “Unlike many well-branded Web failures, actually converts the massive tr… Read more »

Online Newspapers Show Little Interest in Innovative Payment Systems (Europe): A detailed story (and a report) the the European content paym… Read more »

Reaction to Google’s buyout of Pyra, the parent company of Blogger. Some critics think it is not a good fit: “Google’s never run a service t… Read more »

PGA on Par to Roll Out TOURCast: is expecting to roll out TOURCast, a downloadable application to keep on eye on the leaderboard… Read more »

The Great Wall Redux: Though pornography may prove to be the killer content that drives 3G adoption around the globe, it remains to be seen… Read more »

Mo’ Smut in Japan – Porn and Prostitution: The Japanese mobile Internet is popular after midnight, showing that people might be skipping the… Read more »

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Stories for Feb. 16, 2003

This is huge: Google has bought Pyra, the company that brought Blogger to this world, and single-handedly revolutionized blogging.
“But now… Read more »

Commodity Busters: Be a Price Maker, Not a Price Taker: Not directly related to online content, but a very good article on how to differenti… Read more »

(second item): The America’s Cup might seem an odd choice for video-game-style coverage, but a New Zealand software developer is betting tha… Read more »

Excuse Me, My Car Is Calling: A report on a symposium on how a new generation of digital products and services will effect businesses and co… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 15, 2003

Acacia Media Technologies, a company owning broad patents that could affect virtually all companies streaming audio or video online, is goin… Read more »

NCSoft’s Record Revenues for 2002: NCsoft, the Korean online gaming company, has recorded revenues of $123.3 million, its highest. Net profi… Read more »

Portal Wars Round II: “Big portals have recently been successful at getting consumers to pay for content and services. Does this bode well f… Read more »

Hindi News Site Switches to Paid Model: Aaj Tak, the Indian TV news channel, has decided to launch a premium subscription service for its we… Read more »

Mobile Games Publisher In-Fusio Raises Third Round: In-Fusio has a third round of financing to support deployment of services in China and E… Read more »

Yahoo’s Radio Business Sees Ad-Supported Future: “‘We truly believe the ad-supported side will eventually be the bigger side, in the long ru… Read more »

Adult Cable, Net Provider Cuts Jobs: So it happens to adult companies as well: adult Internet and cable-TV company New Frontier Media, has a… Read more »

German Music Industry to Launch Download Portal: The German music industry is clubbing together to offer their customers a more attractive d… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 14, 2003

Music sites make new pleas to pirates: AOL expected to launch premium music service next month; starting tomorrow, Pressplay will debut an o… Read more »

Jupitermedia´s Q4 Results: Revenues for the fourth quarter of 2002 were $11.7 million compared to revenues of $10.9 million for the same pe… Read more »

Life advice via SMS for users: has teamed up with the life coach Fiona Harrold to offer users a lifestyle coac… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 13, 2003

Hoover’s bidders Austin, Marathon back out: Buyout firm Marathon Partners and technology investor Austin Ventures, the partnership that was… Read more »

How USAI Weaves a Strategic Web: CFO Dara Khosrowshahi says any online acquisition it makes “has to allow us to really change the game” and… Read more » burns CD-copying fee: In an aggressive move to boost subscriptions, online music company on Thursday cut what it charg… Read more »

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