Stories for Feb. 10, 2003

Yahoo to Launch Paid Net Video Service: The first “real” competition to RealNetworks: Yahoo is close to unveiling details of a paid, subscri… Read more »

“Later this year, the Tribune Company may become the first major chain to dramatically expand its pay-for-content services. Read more »

Who Will Follow the Hedgehog?: Nokia’s newest mobile, NGage, is a cross between a GameBoy and a phone. Sega, which is providing four games,… Read more »

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Hoover’s Holders Welcome New Offer, Say Co Still Worth More: Hoover’s shareholders said they welcomed Friday’s $8-a-share acquisition offer… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 9, 2003

WES Ogles U.S. Market For Playmates: The Playboy Playmates are coming to mobile phones in North America. That’s according to Wireless Enter… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 7, 2003

Making Money with Streaming Media: A longish how-to article on using DRM systems to get revenues from your multi-media content. “What we do… Read more »

Will Peer-to-Peer Streaming Work for You?: “In one of the highest-volume P2P Internet radio deployments to date, Radio Free Virgin used Blue… Read more »

New Billing Systems Will Drive Future Success of Wireless Content: The deployment of new billing systems will be a key factor in driving the… Read more »

OPA Releases White Paper on Online Dayparts: The study echoed the OPA’s long contention that the Internet content sites are the best place t… Read more »

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Hoover’s Gets New Buyout Bid of $8/Share: Corporate data provider Hoover’s said its board will consider a buyout offer from two private inve… Read more »

Cell Phones that Surf for News: Japan’s wireless-crazy populace could be the proving ground for news delivery via cell phones. “Reuters’ off… Read more »

Top 50 Online Publishers: Media magazine, part of the MediaPost group, has released its annual list of the top 50 online publishers for 2002… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 6, 2003

Will Windows Media 9 Catch On?: Should Media 9 become the dominant format, you can be sure that Microsoft will follow the same path that it… Read more »

A case study on Weatherbug, the hot and much-hyped subscription and ad-based downloadable weather app. “Each station agreed to place a downl… Read more »

Dating, Travel Drive USA Interactive: dating service was the fastest growing revenue generator and one of the profit drivers for U… Read more »

A patent claim with profound implications for the online content industry. A company called Acacia Media Technologies is claiming patents o… Read more »

AOL Tightens Integration of Time Warner Content: “Two years after America Online and Time Warner merged, the two sides finally are working t… Read more »

IGN Reports First Profitable Quarter: IGN Entertainment (fka (Nasdaq: IGNX), the online gaming network, is in black, according… Read more »

Fee vs. Free: The Casualties: Steve Outing notes the newsroom casualties in the sites going from ad-sponsored (free) to subscription-based.… Read more »

Gannett’s Online Revenues Increase 27 Percent: Gannett, the publisher of, among 100 other newspaper websites, has generated app… Read more »

Lycos Europe Registers First Positive EBITDA: Lycos Europe has recorded for the first time positive earnings before interest, tax, depreciat… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 5, 2003

The FeedRoom To Deliver Video News to Cell Phones: Online webcasting solutions provider The FeedRoom will begin delivering video news to cel… Read more »

Decisionmark Gets Local Broadcasters Back Online: Decisionmark’s Air-to-Web Broadcast Replication technology may provide a solution to get m… Read more »

Cricket Sites and Plan Merger: Two of the most popular cricket portals — and — are in adva… Read more »

Magazines Lead Way With Portable Editions: “Zinio Systems saw ‘enormous acceptance’ in magazine delivery last year, said its CEO and preside… Read more »

Nokia Bets That Gaming Phone Will Boost Growth: Nokia has launched a new cellphone, N-Gage, that doubles as a handheld gaming device, thus… Read more »

Big Internet Players Show New Interest in Weblogs: Tripod, owned by Terra Lycos, has now jumped into the blogging fray: “[H]opes the new ser… Read more »

European Digital Music Players Merge: Vitaminic SpA, the European digital music solutions provider, has announced that it has signed a defin… Read more »

European Mobile Gaming Worth Over E3bn by 2005: Mobile gaming will generate E500m in Western Europe in 2003 and over E3bn in 2005, a new stu… Read more »

Palm E-Books To be Distributed to Schools: As the trend of B2B players trying to break into the consumer market continues, the reverse trend… Read more »

Why Won’t Johnny Read?: ‘Cause all the news websites are turning off free sections: ridiculous argument. Read it. “None of the young people… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 4, 2003

Crain’s Chicago Business Launch a Subscription Service:, the online version of Crain’s Chicago Business, is turning into… Read more »

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