Stories for Jan. 28, 2003

Radio Reaches Digital Age: A flurry of recent developments in the radio technology field suggests that 2003 could be the year that efforts t… Read more »

Intec Telecom Systems Launches Content Commerce System: Intec Telecom Systems, a London-based telecom services provider, has launched a new… Read more »

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Qpass Gets New Credit Facility From Silicon Valley Bank: Qpass, the payment solutions provider for the wireless/content industry, announced… Read more »

Italy’s Mobile Users to Will be Able View Broadcasts Over Their Handsets: Two of Italy’s biggest communications companies, RAI and TIM, have… Read more »

uClick Moves Over its Commerce Engine From Clickshare to Yaga: uClick, one of the largest providers of online comics and puzzles, has moved… Read more »

China’s Swings to Profit: Chinese-language Internet company posted a second-quarter profit of $1.5 million, its first ever… Read more »

Newspapers and New Media: Dan Gillmor reports from the Newspaper Association of America’s Connections conference in Orlando, and is a bit di… Read more »

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Reuters Signs Up to New 3G Service: Reuters will provide news and financial text alerts to users of Hutchison’s new third generation mobile… Read more »

Operating Profit for NYT Digital Increase to $3.3 million: In the Q4 results announced by the New York Times Company today, its digital unit… Read more »

Wireless Game Developer Chasma Receives First Round Funding: Chasma, a mobile wireless gaming publisher, has closed its first round of fundi… Read more »

Sifting Through the Online Medical Jumble: Now there are a few services that, for a fee, promise to distinguish between the truths and half-… Read more »

What Price Content?: What you want isn’t necessarily what you’ll get. Publishers, are you listening, asks Vin Crosbie. “There’s a huge poten… Read more »

Yahoo settles with Sony Music: Yahoo has settled with Sony Music Entertainment as part of a lawsuit filed by the recording industry against… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Content Billing Through Phones (10-page PDF file) (via ContentBiz Blog): Print this one out for your evening commute re… Read more »

How Internet Radio Will Replace AM & FM: An interesting presentation given by industry analyst Kurt Hanson, at a conference in Copenhagen. N… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 27, 2003 Shuts Down As Columbia Withdraws: After investing four years and $30 million in, the university-sponsored for-profit o… Read more »

In essence, this is what the story says: “If a growing number of Internet users are finding news stories by using news search engines [Googl… Read more »

Bowl game: Score the Super ads: Services such as AdAge-owned (now a subscription site) hope to score big with streaming of the… Read more »

Editor Leaves AOL for Job: Dean Wright is returning to as its top editor. Wright had been political editor and later man… Read more »

Marketing Battle for Online Dating: Online dating sites are turning up the heat: sites like, a unit of USA Interactive, and Yahoo… Read more »

An Interesting Year Ahead for Online Community: Virtual communities have long been ticking over since the days of The Well, Tripod and Geoci… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 26, 2003

EBSCO To Acquire RoweCom: RoweCom, the troubled subsidiary of Divine, has been bought out by EBSCO, the information services company. Read more »

Stories for Jan. 25, 2003

New Service Sounds Like Phish: Phish, a new online paid music service, delivers soundboard-quality live Phish shows only days after the conc… Read more »

Pare Down That Salon Ship: Ken Layne has a valid argument on the bloat is still carrying (pun intended). “If I ran Salon, I’d cut… Read more »

Should Weblogs Link to Paid Articles?: “So, what do you think should be the proper etiquette for weblogs linking to paid content?” Etiquette… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 24, 2003

Wireless Gaming: Finally No Fantasy: As handset hardware and networks improve, carriers see cell-phone fun as the Next Big Thing for firing… Read more »

Robert Marsh, Controller of Telephony Development at Channel 4 Television in the UK talks about the success of SMS TV, its benefits beyond r… Read more »

Verizon Wireless Customers Align With The Stars: Verizon Wireless customers in the U.S. will be able to access astrology predictions from T… Read more »

FactSet Buys out M&A Database Player: FactSet, the online investment research and information service, has bought out Mergerstat Holdings, a… Read more »

Virgin Mobile to Open up Third Party Premium SMS: Mobile content providers will soon be able to launch premium SMS services to Virgin Mobile… Read more »

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