Stories for Jan. 21, 2003

Reader’s Digest Launches Website for Dieters: Reader’s Digest has launched, a subscription-based online service and resource f… Read more »

JumpTV To Broadcast Online Despite Canadian Ruling: Canadian webcaster brushed aside a regulatory ruling that bars it from retran… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 20, 2003

Who Will Buy Friends Reunited? (UK): A speculative story on who may buy Friends Reunited, the UK community site similar to in… Read more »

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Modern Tales Develops into a Subscription Comics ASP of Sorts: I have been skeptical of the online comics company Modern Tales for a while n… Read more »

Major Labels Bring Back Net Music Giveaway: Major music and technology companies will bring back a promotion they tried six months ago to at… Read more »

Forget coupons and advertising; the next frontier for location-based wireless services is the location-appropriate downloadable app. Interes… Read more »

Sony?s New Day: If you read one story for today, read this. Stephen Levy does a story on how Sony is trying to re-invent itself for the digi… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 19, 2003

Investment Ideas: Online Media?: Get out of this doom and gloom, and invest in online media: this is Nick Denton’s advice. “Valuations are s… Read more »

Canadian Newspaper The Record Goes Subscription, With a Twist: Candian newspaper The Record, out of Kitchener, Ontario, is going subscriptio… Read more »

Online Music Distribution (Is Anyone Really Listening?): A series of articles on how the online music distribution (OMD) affects musicians,… Read more »

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A long and fascinating editorial by Gerd Leonhard on the future direction the music industry should or would go in. “The debate about the In… Read more »

Music Exec: ISPs Must Pay Up for Music-Swapping: Hillary Rosen, CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America, now wants telecom comp… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 18, 2003

ConsumerReview Bought Out by E-centives:, one of the last surviving independent consumer reviews sites online, has been b… Read more »

Baseball Prospectus To Relaunch and Go Premium: Baseball Prospectus, a scouting guide (as a yearly book) and a website providing analysis of… Read more »

AOL Wins Online Music Innovation Award: Finally some good news for America Online. AOL Music’s First Listen program–which presents new sing… Read more »

Canada Blocks Free Net TV: Canadian regulators have ruled that it is illegal to put broadcast TV signals onto the Internet without permissio… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 17, 2003

Publicis Unit Verbe Buys Ubiqus Content: French communications company Publicis Groupe SA unit Verbe Friday said it has purchased online con… Read more »

NewsNow Revamps Site: NewsNow, the online news monitoring service, has today launched the latest version of its website to include additiona… Read more »

Divine Flips Off Northern Light’s Light: OK, that’s just an insider joke…Divine, which bought out Northern Light last year, is closing NL’… Read more »

Advice From A Lowly Journalist: “People don’t pay for news anymore. So I would use the e-mail [newsletter] version as a marketing tool to se… Read more »

This Is Your Deep Link on P2P: People in the online media industry are very familiar with Newsbooster, the Danish company embroiled in the d… Read more »

Hoover’s Board: D&B Offer In Shareholders’ ‘Best Interests’: Hoover’s has said its board believes that the merger consideration for its pend… Read more »

How to Make Money on Chilean Internet: This for the content providers: “El Mostrador, an Internet-only news website with paid access (US$5/… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 16, 2003

CNET to Close Terrestrial Radio Station; To Be Available Only Online: CNET Networks is ending–effective Jan. 31–its traditional “on-air” C… Read more »

How SmartBrief Launched a Profitable Email Newsletter Business: Another stellar case-study by ContentBiz, this time on SmartBrief. Read more »

Yahoo’s Plans for Europe: Yahoo plans to start an ISP-access service in Europe. “In the U.S., Yahoo has been converting its millions of visi… Read more »

Will You Ever Pay For Music Again?: A poll on /. Take it with a pich of salt, ’cause the community is know for excesses…and I mean this i… Read more »

Interactive Data to Acquire S&P ComStock: U.S-based financial data and analytics company Interactive Data Corp has agreed to pay $115 millio… Read more »

So What Would You Pay For? Readers Offer Their Site Lists: Following last week’s column by WSJ writers Tim Hanrahan and Jason Fry on which s… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 15, 2003

Yahoo tops Q4 rev and EPS expectations; Fees and Listings Revenues Increase 120 Percent: Yahoo reported a quarterly profit versus a year-ear… Read more »

Australian Online Media Companies Fail to Produce Black Ink: A long and fascinating story on Australian online media market: players such as… Read more »

Classmates Online Appoints New CEO: Classmates Online, an online
community, has appointed Michael Smith as president and CEO. Smith has
serv… Read more »

Make or Break Year for Canadian Music Subscription Services: “Almost four years after the invention of Napster, the major Canadian labels ar… Read more » Reaches for Home Market: In a sign that fledgling Internet music services are expanding beyond the PC, subscription service Liste… Read more »

Internet Firms Seen Posting Solid 4Q Growth: Internet firms such as Yahoo, DoubleClick and others are “expected to post solid growth in prof… Read more »

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