Stories for Jan. 8, 2003

RealNetworks To Offer Super Bowl as a Subscription Package: RealNetworks has teamed with the National Football League (NFL) as the official… Read more »

Canadian Perspective on Online Paid Content: Lame as ever, but quotes Michael Zimbalist, executive director of the NeOnline Publishers Assoc… Read more »

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Stories for Jan. 7, 2003

Buy Your Wireless News Package, When you Buy Your Wireless Phone: That, in essence, is the deal announced by SmartServ, a wireless content s… Read more »

Paid Content: Still Struggling for Web-Wide Acceptance: This Newspaper Association of America (NAA) study reports on the paid content effort… Read more »

BTClick&Buy to Enable Online Content Billing Through Phones Form March (GIF File): This according to a story in New Media Age magazine. The… Read more »

AP Digital Moves to License Software: The Associated Press is moving into the Web content syndication business as part of an extended licens… Read more »

Press O for Orgasm–Audio Erotica Goes Wireless: This one is interesting (perhaps I should start an “adult paid content” category, though tr… Read more »

MCM acquires Content Mediator of Norway: Media Content Market Sweden AB (MCM) has acquired a 90 per cent stake in Content Mediator AS, of Be… Read more »

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Web Publishers Describe the Year’s Top Achievements: A good round-up of acheivements of (mainly) newspaper web publishers, including The Adv… Read more »

Better Content Starts Today: A good story on how to develop stellar content: “Don’t succumb to doom and gloom. Create content that sizzles a… Read more »

Programming for Dayparts: A trend which has profound implications on how users consume and buy content: Daytime is emerging as primetime onl… Read more »

Yahoo Passes Paid Subscriber Goal: Internet media company Yahoo met its goal to end the year with 2 million paying subscribers ahead of sche… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 6, 2003

Burgers Can Be as Tough a Sell as Content: Steve Klein makes an interesting comparison–based on a Washington Post story–between selling co… Read more »

SoapCity, Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment’s online soap opera destination site, is poised to offer popular daytime TV programs over the… Read more »

Financial Times’ Troubles Galore, but Online Unit Breaks Even: “ has been our great leap forward,” [FT editor Andrew] Gowers insists.… Read more »

Consumer Stance on Paid Content Shift in Western Europe: Categorize this under your “lame research” category: 41 percent of European Interne… Read more »

Print Publishers Prepare for Launch of E-Periodicals: A variety of publishing companies working in cooperation with Microsoft Corp. are prep… Read more »

Whatever Happened to the Great Idea of Football Online? (UK): As the new round of football VoD rights talks looms, the Guardian looks at th… Read more »

Two Online Rivals Duel With Mocking Ads: Well, what else did you expect: controversy has cropped up regarding the cheeky “Biz-O-Rama… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 5, 2003

ProQuest Parts Catalogs To Lift Revenue: ProQuest, the company which is best known for its digital archives of print newspapers like the New… Read more »

Shackle Technologies Used by Hollywood: An interesting story by NYT on the “shackle technologies” being used by Hollywood top prevent piracy… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 3, 2003

Citing License Fees, Clear Channel Begins Pulling ‘Net Streams: Clear Channel, the biggest webcaster in the U.S. and also the biggest radio… Read more »

Press Gazette’s (UK) Online Content To be Available Only to Print Subscribers: In a bid to increase print sales, the website of the UK journ… Read more »

Sun Scraps MySun E-mail Service: Not necessarily content news, but interesting since it involves the customized Sun portal, “My Sun” as well… Read more »

AOL and BT fight For Online Football Rights in UK: Both BT and AOL are in negotiations with the English Premier League, over the rights to s… Read more »

AP’s Archival Sales to Consumer Accounts for 1 Percent of Revenues: This according to this story…no wonder, since $1.50 is still a ridicul… Read more »

Second Attempt Secures $11 Million for Anystream: AnyStream, a streaming media solutions provider to clients such as,, a… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 2, 2003

Hoover’s Shareholder Sues Over Pending D&B Takeover: This one is going to the wire: Hoover’s shareholder Marathon Partners LP filed a lawsui… Read more »

FCC Says Internet Video Subscribers Top 50M: “As part of the Ninth Annual Report on Competition in Video Markets, the FCC reports that as of… Read more »

Five Reasons Why AOL’s Glory Days Are In the Rearview Mirror: John Ellis examines the reasons why AOL still doesn’t get it. Read more »

PreCache Survives, With Help From Sony’s Infusions of Cash: An interesting story by WSJ on PreCache, a digital publishing solutions company… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 1, 2003

Salon Media Group Receives $200,000 Additional Funding: Salon Media Group has received another round of funding (I’ve lost count…), this t… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 31, 2002

Content Billers Need to Cooperate, Not Compete: “Many of my American compatriots think the idea of everyone using a common technological sta… Read more »

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