Stories for Jan. 1, 2003
Stories for Dec. 31, 2002

Content Billers Need to Cooperate, Not Compete: “Many of my American compatriots think the idea of everyone using a common technological sta… Read more »

Qpass Secures $10.7M Round of Funding: Qpass, the payment solutions provider for the wireless/content industry, has received $10.7 million i… Read more »

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Data Users Are Fixed-Rate Fans: A research study on the data usage trends for wireless users. “Forty bucks a month is the right price for ca… Read more »

The Future of Blogs, AOL and Tablet PCs: Rob Glaser of OJR takes a tongue-in-cheek look at what lies ahead for online media in 2003. “Best-C… Read more »

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Economy Intrudes on Dreams of New Services: The New York Times does a round-up of the new technology services and how they might fare in 200… Read more »

AOL News Director’s Tips For Newspapers: America Online’s news operations head Gary Kebbel, a former newspaper man, speaks with E&P Online a… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 30, 2002 Goes Subscription: So when did this happen? Not exactly sure if this is news, but seems like went subscription when Utne R… Read more »

NewsIsFree, a news syndication/newsfeed service, has launched a premium version of its service: “Some existing features are now available in… Read more »

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Stories for Dec. 28, 2002

Audible Seeks Reverse Split: Subscription audio service provider Audible is seeking shareholder approval for a reverse stock split of 1-for-… Read more »

The Streams of 2003: Downloadables and Lunchables: An analysis column in the latest issue of eContent magazine, on the content trends likely… Read more »

Another opinion piece in eContent magazine about the paid content industry. “I hope a micropayment mechanism becomes established. I hope con… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 27, 2002

Mobile Content Is Nice, But Is It Worth Paying For?: A analysis story on the wireless content market in wake of AvantGo’s recent acq… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 26, 2002

A very innovative new micropayment system analysed by Red Herring. “Ronald Rivest, cofounder of RSA Security, a security software company, h… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 24, 2002

China Web Portals Surge to Two Year Highs: On account of diversification of revenues sources. “NetEase now earns the remaining 80-85 percent… Read more »

With Google at Gates, Yahoo Arms Itself: An excellent analysis of why Yahoo had to buy Inktomi, and the increasing threat it faces from Goog… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 21, 2002

IBM Teams with News Providers to Offer Content on Portals: This is a very interesting deal, and represents a lucrative area for content comp… Read more »

End of Year Deals (last item): Seems like the M&A pace has picked up in the enterprise information content market as the year closes, accord… Read more »

Market for Paid Online Content in the U.S. Grows to $361 million in Q3 2002, According to OPA: Perhaps the worst time to release an industry… Read more »

Outlook 2003: Issues In The Information Marketplace (): A very interesting overview of the issues in the enterprise content market during th… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 20, 2002

Top 100 Content Companies: EContent magazine releases its list of the top 100 digital content companies (mainly in enterprise content), and… Read more »

Sybase Plans to Acquire AvantGo: AvantGo, the wireless communications company, has been bought out by Sybase for $38 million. AvantGo’s soft… Read more »

NewsStand: Enhancing the Way Publishers Publish and Readers Read: A profile of NewsStand, the company that develops technologies that allow… Read more »

Pressplay Keeps Music Spinning: An interview with Pressplay CEO Michael Bebel, where he discusses the subscription music venture’s achieveme… Read more »

Profits At Last: If The Economist writes about it, there must be something in it. The usual stuff about how online content firms are moving… Read more »

SMS Finally Picking Up in the U.S.: Nearly half of young adult cell phone users in the United States are using the SMS feature on their cell… Read more »

Former Terra Lycos President Appointed Head of Online Gaming Firm: Former Fidelity Investments and Terra Lycos executive Stephen Killeen has… Read more »

How Kept Ad Sales Strong in 2002: ContentBiz does a case study on how ad sales kept up during 2002. “In the past, advertising… Read more »

iVillage To Be Moved to Nasdaq Small Cap: iVillage’s common stock listing is scheduled to transfer from Nasdaq National Market to the Nasdaq… Read more »

Shazam’s Songmail Service on Your Cell: Shazam, the company that came up with the software to allow users to identify a song they hear on th… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 19, 2002 Survey Finds USers Will Pay for Wireless Content: A survey of more than 550 users found that business professionals ar… Read more »

Lower the Price of Web Archives: Following yesterday’s news that Yahoo has a new deal with the Associated Press–to offer individual archive… Read more »

AOL Needs Stonger Central Management to Drive Subscription Strategy: That’s the opinion of Ken Auletta, the media columnist for the New York… Read more »

USA Interactive Acquires uDate: USA Interactive, which already own the biggest online dating site, has acquired the British compan… Read more »

Hoover’s Sets Record Date For Shareholder Vote On D&B Buy: Hoover’s set Thursday as the record date for its shareholder meeting to vote on i… Read more »

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