Stories for Dec. 16, 2002

The Pathfinder Redux: Michael Wolff elaborates on what I had earlier dubbed the “revenge of Pathfinder”.
“This service, which started in th… Read more »

ECNext Receives $3 Million in Third Round Funding: ECNext, a enterprise content technology solutions firm based in Columbus, OH, has receive… Read more »

(second item): Online subscription services do open some doors, as opposed to critics who have been crying foul about closing doors on the w… Read more »

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Reed Elsevier buys Dutch firm FactLANE: Anglo-Dutch publishing group Reed Elsevier’s legal and business information division LexisNexis will… Read more »

Up, Down and Up Once Again: The past five years in the new media industry can be neatly summed up by three key words – boom, bust, boredom.… Read more »

BT Launches Music Subscription Service: BT Group has launched a subscription-based Internet service called “dotmusic on demand.” The venture… Read more »

AOL Begins Integrating Times’ Content: Ned Desmond, currently president of the company’s Business 2.0 magazine, has been chosen to oversee t… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 15, 2002

Denmark Bills Users for Downloads: A Danis anti-piracy group AntiPiratGruppen has begun tracking the activities of Danish users of file-shar… Read more »

Will “Sims Online” Alter Gaming World?: “‘I think it’s a good test to see if online gaming can stretch past the hard-core fantasy gamers onl… Read more »

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Stories for Dec. 13, 2002

Media Unspun, R.I.P.: “I could go on about the need for independent voices on the Net in this age of media megaconsolidation and how indepen… Read more »

Yahoo CEO Sees Subscribers Ahead of Forecast: Yahoo will end 2002 with more subscribers than it expected and is on track for industry-defyin… Read more » To Break Even This Year: Financial Times’ will break even in the fourth quarter, as expected, and Internet losses at the FT Gr… Read more »

Online Movie Site Movielink Picks McCann for its Ad Campaign: Movielink, the online movie subscription service which launched Nov. 11, has… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 12, 2002

Ten Percent of All U.S. Internet Users to Pay for Content Online in 2002: This according to a new report on the online content market by eMa… Read more »

CBS MarketWatch to Look for More Acquisitions: It has been looking for a while now, buying out Hulbert Financial Digest earlier this year. T… Read more »

Oplayo Launches Streaming Video on Mobile Handsets in UK: Oplayo, a Finland-based company, intends to deliver streamed video to GPRS phones… Read more »

How to Avoid the Top 5 Subscription Marketing Mistakes: ContentBiz examines 10 sites and analyzes their subscription marketing mistakes (and… Read more »

NYT Digital Has No Plans to Charge: “I don’t think there’s anything broken in our model,” said Martin A. Nisenholtz, chief executive of New… Read more »

Rivals has No Problem Accepting’s Ads: “I think that it was a little jab, yes,” said Larry Kramer, chairman and chief executive at C… Read more »

Music Labels Foresee Turning Point Online: The major music labels continue to play defense in the online music game. 2003 will see them play… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 11, 2002

Why AOL Shouldn’t Restrict Time Inc.’s Content: A cogent argument from David Kirkpatrick on the mistake AOL is making in restricting Time In… Read more »

Unspun Guy Gets 2.0 Gig: Jimmy Gutterman, till recently the founder of Media Unspun, has landed a new weekly online column with Business 2.0… Read more »

MusicMatch Launches Artist on Demand Subscription Service: MusicMatch, the online media player software provider, has launched a streaming m… Read more »

The Video-Game Wars Explode Online: Its Microsoft’s deep pockets and Xbox’ built-in capabilities vs. Sony’s and Nintendo’s add-ons. The priz… Read more »

Web Radio’s Personal Edge: “Since 1997, 28 million people have registered for online radio station MusicMatch’s free player, and 130,000 hav… Read more »

Paid Content and DRM: “DRM is an essential element to any charging initiative. Content owners have the right to receive payment and recognit… Read more »

“ESPN magazine and, the networks’ Web site, are both profitable this year, Bodenheimer said. He declined to comment on when its bro… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 10, 2002 to Have its First Profitable Year in 2003: This according to Christie Hefner, CEO of Playboy Enterprises, delivering her speech… Read more » Launches a New Ad Campaign: Well, finally. has launched a rather belated new TV, print and online ad campaign, which hopes t… Read more »

Behind the Scenes: The Demise of Media Unspun: In a Q&A with’s Jonathan Dube, Media Unspun publisher Jimmy Guterman says… Read more »

The Need for Better Reports: Vin Crosbie on the need for better reports on online content spending, criticizing Online Publishers Associatio… Read more »

How Reed Reached the Top of the Media Tree: Reed Elsevier, the specialist publisher of scientific, business, legal and educational magazines… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 9, 2002

C&W Scores MovieLink Content Delivery Deal: Telco and technology giant Cable & Wireless has inked a deal to provide the content delivery inf… Read more »

Private Media Group to Launch Adult Content Chip for PDAs: As usual, the adult industry is two steps ahead of the mainstream media companies… Read more »

AOL Needs to Avoid the Pathfinder’s Mistakes: “But AOL better be careful not to fall prey to the Pathfinder Way: It needs to keep its titles… Read more »

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