Stories for Dec. 9, 2002

It’s Now or Never for B2B Publishers: A comprehensive story on the hurdles facing B2B publishers (focusing mainly on UK) in trying to charge… Read more »

Is AOL Time Warner Just a Three-Headed Monster?: An analysis story focusing on the UK market, on AOL’s new strategy. “Although the company’s… Read more »

Free Content Online? Publishers Are Divided: An analysis of move from free to paid content, in light of AOL’s recent decision to wall-off Ti… Read more »

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Stories for Dec. 7, 2002

Coping With a Web That’s No Longer Free (via TheEndofFree): “A paying customer is, after all, a more demanding customer…The added revenue… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 6, 2002

Hoover’s Acquired by D&B for $117 Million: D&B, a provider of business information and analytical technology, is buying Hoover’s Online for… Read more »

Uplifting News For South Africans, For 5p Each: An innovative scheme in South Africa, where mobile users can access “a bottomless well of up… Read more »

Gateway spins Pressplay service on PCs: Gateway announced a deal with Pressplay to load its PCs with 2,000 songs from the online music servi… Read more »

Americans Continue To Embrace Potential Of Digital Music: A new study by Ipsos-Reid on digital music distribution in U.S. “In June of 2002,… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 5, 2002

Online Music Services Ready for Prime-Time Showdown: An overview of the recent frenetic activity among the online music subscription service… Read more »

Can Slate Swoop up Media Unspun?: An enticing and perfectly logical thought, to say the least. Check out Media Unspun’s message board, on so… Read more »

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Charging for Online Content (Audio): A growing number of online content providers are planning to start charging but will consumers be willi… Read more »

Mobile Games Revenue to Increase Ten-Fold in Three Years in Western Europe: Downloadable games will replace ringtones as the service that dr… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 4, 2002

How to Save Salon: “Becoming dependent on a larger site might be the only way for its independent voice to survive.”
A somewhat ironic story… Read more »

Measure the Value of Your Content: Gerry McGovern, erudite as usual. “Measuring content involves an understanding of knowledge and informati… Read more »

Take the Muzzle Off Mobile Applications: The mobile sector is a stifling place for content and application developers, according to the stor… Read more » Start-up Goes Out of Business: Competitor to Ad Age Group’s, the subscription site, has gone out of business. Read more »

The Biggest Franchise of Them All?: The Sims Online will convert the best-selling PC game into a subscription business. If it works, it coul… Read more »

Real and Starz to offer movies online: Real and Starz today announced the intention to provide Starz movies over the internet via RealOne ne… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 3, 2002

AOL to Offer Exclusive Time, CNN Features: America Online Internet service will offer exclusive features from its magazines and CNN news cha… Read more »

The Art of the Impossible: Blogs Do Make Money!: This is a biased link, since I am trying to “monetize” my blog/site as well. A report on tw… Read more »

SMS: Publishers Turn Cents Into Dollars: “Online publishers wanting to charge for content should consider [mobile phone's] capabilities. Thi… Read more »

Buy the Print Copy to Read the Online Newspaper: The Spanish newspaper on economics, Expansión Directo has a unique code number on its prin… Read more »

Stories for Dec. 2, 2002

Media Unspun to Suspend Publication: As I had predicted, (sort of, at least) Media Unspun, the new avatar of Industry Standard-owned Media G… Read more »

Wine and Dine with has launched a somewhat unique promotion scheme for its subscription service. It is offering a gift pack o… Read more »

Online Gaming to Spur Standardization?: A broad shift to online gaming in the $9.4 billion video game industry — widely forecast now that t… Read more »

Video Games Make Big Leap to Small Phone Screens: A report on the wireless gaming market. “The games themselves cost anywhere from $2 to $15… Read more »

An Exit Interview With’s Neil Budde: Wall Street Journal Online Publisher Neil Budde is departing the site, and E&P Online does an “… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 30, 2002 to Provide Small Enterprise Subscription Service Through BTOpenworld: “The FT Pro service for BT Openworld customers–referred to as… Read more »

Premium Pricing Must Become More Flexible: A Q&A with Mike Short, VP of Technology of British telecom company O2, and chairman of the Mobile… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 29, 2002

Terra Lycos’ New U.S. Head to Focus on Subscriptions: (This is my first post from London!!) Terra Lycos named a new head of U.S. operations… Read more »

Rise of MMS, 3G and Paid-for Services Will Mark Digital Progress: “So what did 2002 teach us? Well, it wasn’t 2001 – which was a start for m… Read more »

Word-A-Day Creeping Back Into Black: “Mr. Garg also sells a premium version of A.Word.A.Day, which excludes the ads, for $25 a year. Between… Read more »

Stories for Nov. 27, 2002

Web Portals Play for Online Revenues: Yahoo, America Online and Microsoft are in a cyber shootout for gamers willing to pay to play on the I… Read more »

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