Stories for Sep. 3, 2002

Hoover’s CEO on Becoming a Sales Tool for Mid-Market Companies” (free registration required): An interview I did with Hoover’s CEO Jeffrey T… Read more »

British Wine Site to Charge for Advice:, the website set up by The Guardian’s wine expert, Malcolm Gluck, is to launch a subs… Read more »

Online Music Sites Face Tough Sell: Even though subscription music services have arrived, there’s been little fanfare, and so far almost no… Read more »

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Kramer vs. Cramer: Business 2.0 compares the different strategies of CBS MarketWatch and Also read the accompanying story on… Read more »

SMS Services in Europe Signals User’s Shift: Text messages for Europe’s mobile phone operators signals an attitude shift among consumers: wi… Read more »

Stories for Sep. 2, 2002

Can Yahoo Make ‘em Pay?”: The story focuses on Yahoo’s partnership with SBC Communications to sell broadband access. SBC subscribers who sig… Read more »

Read My Weblog, Feed My Weblog: It was only a matter of time before somebody jumped on this idea: a subscription clearinghouse for weblogs.… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 29, 2002

Online Gaming Set to Take Off in Singapore: Singapore’s market for Internet-based gaming is set to reach $9.2 million by 2005, from just $1.… Read more »

Read all about it! On your mobile. News services for mobiles are now more appealing – but will they succeed? Read more »

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Average Revenues Per User for Wireless Predicted to Decline: A new survey ARC Group says that the average revenue per user (ARPU) is set to… Read more »

British Firm OD2 Launches New Version of Subscription Music Service Using Credit System: On Demand Distribution (OD2), a British technology… Read more »

Lessons from the Satellite Radio Troubles: WSJ has a story on the troubles facing subscription satellite radio services Sirius and XM Satell… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 28, 2002

RealNetworks a Big Loser if Baseball Strike Goes Ahead: If Major League Baseball players go on strike this week, one of the losers may be Re… Read more »

Factiva CEO as the Paid Content Evangelist?: Factiva PR machine is trying to position its CEO Clare Hart as the paid content industry expert… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 27, 2002

Pay For Fresh, Archives Free?: Rusty Foster, founder of the popular community site Kuro5hin, has a contrarian thought: “Has anyone tried the… Read more »

A New World of Internet Fees: Although some companies have stumbled, analysts predict that charging for formerly free services is the wave o… Read more »

Shipping News : At sea about monetizing content? Become a sailor: Learn navigation, use your compass, and know the waters your sailing in. Read more »

Will Declining Birth Rates in Japan Affect Online Gaming Revenues: An interesting point in this story on Japanese game software maker Square… Read more » First Ever Online Televised Game, Even as Strike Looms: Even with the looming threat of a player strike that could cripple its fan b… Read more »

Microsoft In Talks With Magazine Publishers for Providing Content to TabletPC: Microsoft is in talks with major publishing companies to make… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 26, 2002

Sony’s Online Gaming Plans a Big Gamble: Sony will release on Aug. 27 a network adapter that allows its PlayStation 2 game console to tap in… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 25, 2002

Is Planning a Print Magazine?: A new pop-up user survey on indicates that it is may be planning to launch a quarterly pr… Read more »

HMV to Starts Subscription Music Service in U.K.: Music retailer HMV Group is expected to announce this week the launch of a subscription di… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 24, 2002

Dow Jones CEO on Moving on From Being a Laughing Stock to the Poster Child of Online Content Industry: Peter Kann, chairman and CEO of Dow J… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 23, 2002

B2B Subscription Site for Sale: Anne Holland mentions about a B2B subscription site for sale: 1,300 paid subscribers, $200K in annual revenu… Read more »

Manchester United Football Club Bites the Bullet: British soccer club Manchester United is relaunching its See Red online football joint ve… Read more »

Will PS2′s Online Gaming Gamble Pay Off?: The video and digital gaming industry is closely watching Sony’s push to move PlayStation 2 game c… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 22, 2002

Salon Gets Extension From Nasdaq: Salon Media Group has received an extension from Nasdaq and will continue to be listed on the SmallCap mar… Read more »

UK Site BarrysWorld Launches Subscription Multi-Player Gaming Online: British gaming site BarrysWorld has begun charging for its gaming serv… Read more »

Stories for Aug. 21, 2002

Morpheus P2P Service Builds in Subscription Billing in New Version: StreamCast Networks has added a payment platform to the latest version o… Read more »

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