Stories for Jul. 31, 2002

AOL Still Bullish On Premium Services: America Online still plans to launch a bevy of premium services–the original plans started when AOL… Read more »

Factiva CEO Sees Two Year Consumer Learning Cycle on Paid Content (via TEoF): Factiva CEO Clare Hart believes that consumers will be coughin… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 30, 2002

EDGAR Online’s Subscription Revenues Up 75 Percent: EDGAR Online, the business information provider, reported revenues of $4.1 million for Q… Read more »

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Stories for Jul. 29, 2002 Gains 17,000 Subscribers Since May: has signed up 17,000 subscribers to its subscription services since it launched paid-for c… Read more » Raises $715,000 in New Financing: Salon Media Group has disclosed that it has raised an additional $715,000 in bridge loan financi… Read more »

The biggest hurdle in the adoption of paid content is, of course, the payment models. Despite the somewhat tepid reception to micropayments,… Read more »

FreeEdgar Not so Free Anymore: Edgar Online (Nasdaq: EDGR) is limiting the amount of free information available on its FreeEdgar website. Th… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 25, 2002

How Many Users Can You Lose When Going Pay?: An analysis story from a U.K. perspective, on how much and for what are users willing to pay on… Read more »

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Stories for Jul. 24, 2002

How Dating Sites Work to Convert Free User to Paid (subscription required) : An interesting story with lessons for the media/content industr… Read more » Moves into Weblogs; Offers Publish-Your-Own-Weblog Service: Salon Media Group, the operator of, has launched “Salon Blog… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 23, 2002

CNET Trying to Develop New Revenues Streams, Including Subscriptions: CNET Networks, which has been hit hard by weak high-tech spending and… Read more »

Selling Subscription Technologies is Part Education, Part Conviction: An interview I did today with Jonathan Lewin, the CTO/founder of eMeta… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 22, 2002

Spanish Movies Online, For $4.95 a Month: Kanakaris Wireless, an online streaming movies provider through its site, has launch… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 19, 2002 Relaunches, for $70 a Year:, the popular website running a collection of TV and radio commercials which was bought… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 18, 2002

Apple’s .Mac Unveils Paid Web Services: Not directly related to content, but Apple has unveiled an online suite called .Mac. For an annual f… Read more »

MusicNet on Why It is Better Than Napster-Like Services: MusicNet CEO Alan McGlade is the first to admit that while building an online music… Read more »

IGN Adds 11,000 New Subscribers in Q2: IGN Entertainment, f.k.a., has posted a second-quarter net loss of $1.3 million, compare… Read more »

Why is Better: Eric Hellweg of Business 2.0 initially wrote off’s online music subscription service, but things are be… Read more »

The Internet Power Grab: John Ellis writes about the inevitable migration of free content and services in the digital world to a paid model… Read more »

NYT Digital’s Revenues Increase 15 Percent: New York Times Digital, which runs, saw a 15.9 percent increase in second quarter re… Read more »

IVillage Launches Book Series: In an attempt to shore up revenues from sources other than online advertising, iVillage (Nasdaq: IVIL) has la… Read more »

MSN To Offer Separate Subscription Browser: Microsoft is unveiling a new version of its MSN service that packages Internet access with an en… Read more »

News Headline Services, Deep-Linking, And Subscription Content: Vin Crosbie writes about the effect of Danish deep-linking court case agains… Read more »

Swiss Newspaper to Charge for Online Content–Pay-Per-Day?: Swiss media group Tamedia will introduce charges for those who wish to read thei… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 16, 2002 To Be Launched Again as a Subscription Site: Christian living website,, which closed down in October 2000 after 10… Read more »

Liquid Audio Rejects Buyout Offer: Online music company Liquid Audio, which runs a digital music subscription service, has rejected a buyout… Read more »

Barron’s, the financial weekly from Dow Jones, has launched an electronic edition using NewsStand’s technology. The promotional subscription… Read more »

Best Vertical Newspaper Site: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has won the “Best Vertical Site” in the Digital Edge Awards by the Newspaper Associ… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 15, 2002

Hungry Big Brother Addicts Online: Channel 4 in U.K. is streaming Big Brother online for a subscription fee and “thousands of viewers have b… Read more »

Stories for Jul. 14, 2002

Liquify Your Content: Liquify, a Chicago-based content-related software vendor, has launched a software package designed to assist publisher… Read more »

Liberty Alliance to Release Technical Specs: The Liberty Alliance, a Sun-backed group vying for a secure single sign-on system for Web servi… Read more »

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