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loading external resource YouTube has started to allow the casting of “most embedded YouTube videos,” according to an updated support document first spotted by Android Police. This means that Chromecast users can now send YouTube videos embedded on third-party websites to their Chromecast without the need to mirror entire browser tabs. […] Read more at GigaOM »

Fraggle Rock spinoff The Doozers is coming exclusively to Hulu, the streaming service announced Monday. The show’s 50 episodes, which have been produced by the Jim Henson Company, will be available through Hulu’s kids section starting April 25. Hulu also announced an expanded partnership with CBS that […] Read more at GigaOM »

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Stories for Feb. 7, 2014 The growing popularity of Netflix in Canada has resulted in calls for regulation, reports The Toronto Star. The Canadian Media Production Association, which represents English-language filmmakers in Canada, wants to tax Netflix’s service, and force the company to invest in local film production. The group […] Read more at GigaOM »

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